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Home Decor – Wallpaper

Follow me we’re taking a decor from ex-boyfriends into nesting land.

Something that I’ve always been interested in is interior design. Even as a little girl I’ve always loved to shop for home wares. So imagine how excited I was to find that Bed Bath and Beyond is now carrying some exquisite wallpaper designs.

Wallpaper isn’t something that I would normally gravitate towards. It always conjures thoughts of Laura Ashley floral prints, designs with chickens or cows, etc. But the Bed Bath and Beyond designs are good. I like.

Here’s the design that stuck out for me immediately:

Wallpaper from Bed Bath and Beyond

Imagine this in a library or as an accent wall in a bedroom. Jolie, non? (That’s French).

And because I couldn’t just stop there here’s other things that I would put in this room:

black bed from thefurniture.com

This super cute, contemporary bed.

whimsical bedside table

This whimsical table to mix up the style of furniture. Maybe without the feather drawer pull. Maybe not.

green vase with purple flowers

And then as a nice accent I’d add a vase to the table, preferably in a Chartreuse color, since I love Chartreuse with black. C’est magnifique!

Your thoughts on wall paper? Have you ever used it? Do you like Laura Ashly? Chickens? Cows?

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