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A Brief Intermission

My blog was ugly. Really, really ugly.

I’ve been planning to redesign, switch to a self-hosted WordPress blog, and inundate you with new, smarter, sassier content. But, alas, I’m planning a destination wedding, finishing the move into a new house, earning a living, working on my fitness, and trying to be a better than decent partner to my fiance.

So this is what you get in the interim. Maybe after the wedding I will get to that place where I have spare time to finish the design that I started over a year ago. Maybe then you will be all, “Wow, this is so much better than that ugly design that you used to have.”

And I’ll be all, “Why thank you! It only took me two years, an engagement, a wedding, a honeymoon, and working 60 hour weeks at work to finish.”

And then you’ll be all, “Have you had your medication checked recently?”


Excuse the Break

Somewhere in the middle of drafting The High Fidelity Series I had a social media crisis. You see, I attended the Nevada Interactive Media Summit a few weekends ago and I had a discussion with one of my good friends about the over sharing phenomenon that is prevalent online. Now that everyone has a Facebook page we know what they are, who they’re sleeping with, what they’re doing tonight, how their ex-husband behaves, their kids last report card, and how much they hate their boss. Yeah, it’s all out there for the world to see. Every. Little. Thing.

It got me thinking about how my blog content is truly personal and that’s the way I like it. I started this blog as a way of documenting my journey into matrimony, but it’s become a place for me to vent, share, laugh at myself and document little pieces of my life. It’s also turned into a sort of therapy. Before Facebook, Twitter and this little ‘ol blog I was a pretty private person. Now, I look at it as a place where I can share my life. Sometimes this blog helps me work through some serious shit (I don’t post everything that I write, I’m not there yet. I may never be). Sometimes it’s just a place for me to document my journey.

Anyway, I digress. The High Fidelity Series is deeply personal and after the conversation with my friend I was tempted to nip it in the bud. I’m not writing this series to hurt anyone’s feelings or to over share. I’m writing it to close this chapter of my life. Yes, some of the content coming down the pipe will be personal, truthful, maybe a little rude. But, it’s my story. Everything is honest and it’s my truth, which means that my ex-boyfriends might not appreciate it. They have their own truth.

So please excuse the break I’ve taken from writing. The series is about to resume. And it starts with my first cowboy boyfriend…

Creating a Private Group on Facebook

The Durtty Wedding Facebook Group

The Durtty Wedding Facebook Group

The closer we get to the wedding the more questions we are getting about where to stay, how to get there, how long to stay, etc. We’ve been posting to our wedding website, but I realized that checking that website is not top of mind for our guests. To remedy this, I created a Private Facebook Group today so my family and friends can ask questions. Lets face it, people are practically living on Facebook. I don’t want to admit how many times a day I check my page. It’s kind of sick really…

Since Facebook makes it nearly impossible to learn how to do anything I turned to Read, Write, Web for instructions on how to set this group up. It was really easy!

Courtesy of Read,Write,Web

I’m hopeful that this Group will make our guests more comfortable in asking questions about the wedding and maybe even getting to know one another before the wedding.

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Best Wedding Website EVER -

Best Wedding Website EVER -

Holla! Our wedding website is practically finished. Put a cherry on top of that WordPress Sundae and call it good.

I think I mentioned before that I had planned on creating an absolutely extravagant wedding website using Joomla, Flash, etc.

Yeah, about that…

Joomla is wicked hard. Flash is fun, but time consuming. I needed a site that Travis could help me update without having to teach him code or FTPing (even though he’s interested). Instead I turned to my old friend WordPress, found a free customizable template, bought our domain and hosting and voila was born. C’est parfait.

I customized the template using our wedding color palette and pictures of St. Croix (don’t make fun of my animated GIF).   We’ve added a ton of information about the wedding, St. Croix and travel information. It will be the number one resource for our wedding guests and we will be updating it frequently.

I also used Google docs to create an RSVP and newsletter sign-up form. It was super easy.

So that is how I created a wedding website that didn’t cause me to go into .PHP seizures. As my favorite recording artist, Jason Mraz, would say, “Life is wonderful.”

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Pancakes Anyone?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions or done any of these things:

  • What color paint would make people eat more?
  • What smell would make people buy more?
  • Written to a 6th grade reading level because your audience can’t handle words with more than two syllables
  • Pondered what radio station women who are considering plastic surgery might listen to
  • Thrown out words and phrases like ROI, focus group, image study, perception or reputation management

syrupthen you, my friend, are a marketer. And because you are a marketer you must read this book – Syrup by Maxx Barry.

My friends Fayth and Stephan lent me this book and I haven’t been able to put it down. The plot focuses on a young man who comes up with an idea for a new cola product (appropriately named Fukk). He pitches the idea to Coke and hilarity ensues. Please, please pick this book up and when you have finished lets be nerdy and get together and discuss! Because lets face it book clubs are cool and cool people like book clubs.

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