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Bridesmaid Dress

Roaming through the older posts that I’ve done I realized that I’ve been a bit of a tease. I tell you I will update you and then I don’t. It’s not nice really.

If you recall, months ago I was on the hunt for navy bridesmaid’s dresses, seeing as I have 7 (SEVEN) bridesmaids who all have different body shapes, tastes, and preferences.

I’ve been a bridesmaid a couple of times (3) and wanted to be sensitive to the dress situation since I’ve had a few horrible dress shopping incidents myself.

Anyway, if you forgot who the contenders were you can take a gander here.

The winner was:

Alfred Angelo Style 7017S

Imagine that dress, but tea length and not long. I went with navy with a kiwi sash. The dress is surprisingly light weight and will make an excellent beachy, but formal dress. The girls say they like it, but hello, they have to.

I really focused on finding a dress that I thought everyone would like, but when it comes down to it finding that perfect dress for everyone is a lot like that fairytale “The Traveling Pants” or whatever the hell that book/movie is called.

Instead I had a few bridesmaids with different body shapes try the dresses that had made the final cut. This dress, with it’s A-line, strapless cut was definitely the winner.


Wedding Programs

I’m obsessed with all things paper. It’s been an addiction since I was a kid. I just love paper, which is ironic considering my profession. Pause. Deep moment of reflection.

Ok. Done with that.

I have this vision of what our wedding program will look like. I want it to blend with the other paper pieces from our wedding while being a piece that I can save (hello, my name is Jenny and I’m a hoarder). I don’t have the budget to have someone make the program and I haven’t found any program kits that I really like.

If you’re looking for a wedding program kit I would recommend these sites:

Rexcraft – because, duh.

Wedding Programs Fast – great templates

iDo Graphics – some cute stuff

Because we are having a Catholic wedding the program is a little long. I’m also including a page that outlines the meaning of a Catholic wedding ceremony. I want our guests to know what they are witnessing because even I get confused at Catholic weddings.

My solution is to create my own programs, which will be cheaper than buying a kit or having someone make them. I found this great site that explains how to make your wedding program in Microsoft Word. I’m going to add a navy or green cover to mine, a little ribbon, and a monogram or something.

How to Make Wedding Program in Word

Photos to come in the future if you’re good and eat all your vegetables, do your chores, and act politely.

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Sugar+Carbs=metabolic ecstasy. Really.

Is it strange that choosing our wedding cake may be my favorite wedding task so far?

We had a long list of cake and icing flavors to choose from. I was thinking of choosing something tropical and alcoholic (hello, rum cake), but then I had a revelation – coconut cake. Wait, it gets better.

Coconut cake with chocolate frosting. Oh wait, it gets even better.

Chocolate Ganache frosting. Wait – one more.

Chocolate ganache on the outside, chocolate buttercream on the inside.

Lets take a moment to let it sink in.

You like?

Yeah. Me too.

Here’s some shots of chocolate wedding cakes:

Cute, right?

Kind of has a Phantom of the Opera thing going

That looks creamy (I mean dreamy)

C'est Mangnifique

FYI – TheKnot has a great wedding cake gallery. Your welcome.

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Booking a Catholic Church in 11 Easy Steps

1.  Call church as soon as you get engaged. Find out about pre-marital requirements for a Catholic wedding.

2. Join a local Parish (so this only applies if you’ve been naughty and haven’t attended church regularly)

3. Speak with local Parish priest about pre-marital requirements.

4. Plan to attend Engaged Encounter. Save up your moola (this cost us $200 large). Find out from local Parish the deets about the next Encounter.

5. Attend Engaged Encounter. Fall in love all over again.

6. Keep calling church to try and book wedding date.

7. Have wedding planner stalk church secretary in hopes of booking the church.

8. Try, try again.

9. Success!

10. Go with the flow. You play by the Church’s rules. End of story. So if they say, “You can only get married at 10 a.m. or 12 p.m.,” there are no negotiations.

11. Finish pre-marital counseling with local priest.

And that is my 11-Step plan on how to book a Catholic church for your destination wedding. Start early and keep trying. I called the Church for the first time in March and we just booked this week. Perseverance people, perseverance.

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