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Bridesmaid Dress

Roaming through the older posts that I’ve done I realized that I’ve been a bit of a tease. I tell you I will update you and then I don’t. It’s not nice really.

If you recall, months ago I was on the hunt for navy bridesmaid’s dresses, seeing as I have 7 (SEVEN) bridesmaids who all have different body shapes, tastes, and preferences.

I’ve been a bridesmaid a couple of times (3) and wanted to be sensitive to the dress situation since I’ve had a few horrible dress shopping incidents myself.

Anyway, if you forgot who the contenders were you can take a gander here.

The winner was:

Alfred Angelo Style 7017S

Imagine that dress, but tea length and not long. I went with navy with a kiwi sash. The dress is surprisingly light weight and will make an excellent beachy, but formal dress. The girls say they like it, but hello, they have to.

I really focused on finding a dress that I thought everyone would like, but when it comes down to it finding that perfect dress for everyone is a lot like that fairytale “The Traveling Pants” or whatever the hell that book/movie is called.

Instead I had a few bridesmaids with different body shapes try the dresses that had made the final cut. This dress, with it’s A-line, strapless cut was definitely the winner.


Wedding Programs

I’m obsessed with all things paper. It’s been an addiction since I was a kid. I just love paper, which is ironic considering my profession. Pause. Deep moment of reflection.

Ok. Done with that.

I have this vision of what our wedding program will look like. I want it to blend with the other paper pieces from our wedding while being a piece that I can save (hello, my name is Jenny and I’m a hoarder). I don’t have the budget to have someone make the program and I haven’t found any program kits that I really like.

If you’re looking for a wedding program kit I would recommend these sites:

Rexcraft – because, duh.

Wedding Programs Fast – great templates

iDo Graphics – some cute stuff

Because we are having a Catholic wedding the program is a little long. I’m also including a page that outlines the meaning of a Catholic wedding ceremony. I want our guests to know what they are witnessing because even I get confused at Catholic weddings.

My solution is to create my own programs, which will be cheaper than buying a kit or having someone make them. I found this great site that explains how to make your wedding program in Microsoft Word. I’m going to add a navy or green cover to mine, a little ribbon, and a monogram or something.

How to Make Wedding Program in Word

Photos to come in the future if you’re good and eat all your vegetables, do your chores, and act politely.

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The Great China Debate

I’m not talking about the country. I’m talking about dinnerware. Waaaay more important.

When we registered Travis and I had a big debate over registering for china. We went in to Bed Bath and Beyond thinking that we would not add china to our registry. After all, we are_not_the_type of people who need fancy shmancy plates. We didn’t imagine having a lot of dinner parties or entertaining a lot of family over the holidays. We are a wolf pack of two here in Reno.


Then I saw this:

Lenox - Chirp China

Lenox - Chirp China

And this:

Me love.

Suddenly, my thoughts went to dinner parties, garden parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, hosting family, friends, neighbors. Basically, I would invite anyone over who wants to eat off of my china. Anyone. Call me.

I don’t know what it is about the Lenox Chirp china pattern. It instantly caught my eye. I love how fresh it looks. How it’s traditional, but not.

I picture myself in an apron, preparing a Martha or Barefoot Contessa approved meal. Then I serve that delicious meal on my Chirp china.  I’m wearing pearls and my hair is in a curly bob. Fantasy? Hmmmp. I don’t even own an apron.

My sudden departure from the “China Plan” caused Travis some distress. “But we’ll never use it,” he said. “Let’s register for every single kitchen gadget and appliance instead.”

A lot of our married friends were all, “I registered for china and now I’m trying to sell it on eBay.” Or, “Oh, yeah, the china. It’s in the garage in a box somewhere.”

But, I’m a Capricorn, which means I am sentimental and love traditions. My grandmother had Lenox china that she gave to my mother. We eat off of it at Christmas and Thanksgiving. It’s an antique pink rose pattern. I aksed my Grandma Betty about it and she said that women in her generation would register for a set of 8 pieces of china. Then when they were throwing a dinner party they would borrow their friend’s china if it was in the same pattern.

See, here I go again with the traditions…sigh.

I totally get that the idea of fine china is a little outdated. People don’t really throw dinner parties the way they used to. I just can’t help myself. I love the idea of having an heirloom that I can pass on. This moment in my life will be a short, sweet one in the end. I want my grandchildren to imagine me throwing fabulous dinner parties and using this china.

Or maybe fabulous barbecues. Barbecue and fine china mix. Right?

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A Note About Family

The first time I went wedding dress shopping my friend Annie said two things that really stuck with me 1) Life is not like the movies and 2) No one will be as excited about your engagement as you are.

When Travis and I got engaged my family’s reaction wasn’t what I had expected. Actually, it was downright disappointing.

It went something like this:

woman tearing hair out

Me during most of the wedding planning process

When I called my parents to tell them that Travis had proposed, my dad said, “Are you going to have a prenup?”

Uhh, yeah, that was the first thing that my dad said to me after I announced that I was going to spend the rest of my life with the wonderful man that is Travis. And for the record, no pre-nup. I’ll blog about that at a later date.

My brother said, “Did he get you a ring?”

By the time I talked to my mom I was sitting in a Popeyes in Auburn, CA. She wanted to know if he had gotten me a ring too. First question at our engagement party, “Is your ring bigger than mine?” Well, geez Joan Crawford, this plot seems an awful lot like Mommy Dearest.

The thing about getting engaged is that you expect your family to act like it’s the best thing ever. Because to you it is. You expect your mother to fawn over dresses and reception ideas. You expect that they will feel your joy and help you celebrate. You think that your fiance will be accepted as a part of the family immediately.

Don’t get me wrong – Travis’s family, my girlfriends and plenty of other people were overjoyed. There was crying, shrieking, sheer excitement and joy.

It was when we started planning the wedding that we ran into issues. My mother was dead set against a destination wedding. Dead set. To the point where she tried to give Travis and I a lump sum if we wouldn’t have a wedding. Sooooo…that was an awesome conversation.

It seems with my family that every decision has to be a major family drama.

Setting a wedding date? Changed that five times.

Having a destination wedding? Two months of discussions, emotional phone calls and emails,  Excel spreadsheets, testimonials from wedding planners, and an attempt from my mom to compromise by having a destination wedding  in Alaska. I’m being completely serious right now. ALASKA, for Christ sakes. Because she had never been there…

Reception? Dad wanted a pig roast. Mom wanted a slide show. We wanted neither.

Guest list? We had pictured it small and intimate. Mom pictured it as the biggest family reunion ever. Guest list tripled within one month.

Invitations? Parents thought they cost too much even though they came in $300 under the original budget.

Budget? A year into the wedding planning my Dad suggests that we elope and cancel all travel plans. Awesome!

I’m not trying to sound ungrateful here. I love my parents and am thankful for the monetary help they are giving us with the wedding. I’m also thankful that there are so many people in the world who love us and want to celebrate this event.

I guess I’m just hoping to share an important lesson about wedding planning for the brides-to-be out there. Don’t compare yourself to other families. Have realistic expectations about your parents and how they will handle your wedding. Getting married is a right of passage and sometimes you forget that you are not the only one going through it.

Don’t let the joy of this sacred event be taken away by petty family drama. Try and stay above it. Consider eloping.

Hey, maybe consider Alaska? I hear the weather’s manageable in August.

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Sugar+Carbs=metabolic ecstasy. Really.

Is it strange that choosing our wedding cake may be my favorite wedding task so far?

We had a long list of cake and icing flavors to choose from. I was thinking of choosing something tropical and alcoholic (hello, rum cake), but then I had a revelation – coconut cake. Wait, it gets better.

Coconut cake with chocolate frosting. Oh wait, it gets even better.

Chocolate Ganache frosting. Wait – one more.

Chocolate ganache on the outside, chocolate buttercream on the inside.

Lets take a moment to let it sink in.

You like?

Yeah. Me too.

Here’s some shots of chocolate wedding cakes:

Cute, right?

Kind of has a Phantom of the Opera thing going

That looks creamy (I mean dreamy)

C'est Mangnifique

FYI – TheKnot has a great wedding cake gallery. Your welcome.

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