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Engagement Photo Inspiration

In the one second of spare time I had today I decided to take a gander for engagement photo inspiration. Here are my findings:

The essence of Madmen
– This couple did an editorial Madmen-esque shoot. The photos are done by Meg Perotti. I love the style of these. I think there should be more smiling (you’re in love right?), but I love their clothes and the photos.


Funky (in a good way) – I love these by Jennifer Causey because they are fun,creative and use the city scape well.



Jessamyn Harris did these. I think they are so  fun and stylish. Also they have real emotion, which I love so much more than smiling for the camera.

engage4engage5I can’t wait to get our engagement photos done! We don’t have any professional photography of the two of us. I already have an IKEA project planned for the photos. Yeah!

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std – you have what?

Ha, ha – nothing like a little sexually transmitted disease humor to make this hump day (excuse the pun) go by a little faster.

Of course, I’m not talking about a venereal disease silly! I’m talking about our Save the Dates.

Operation Save the Date is almost finished. Through an act of God, almost all of the addresses have been collected. Have mercy! Hallelujah!

We went with an informal postcard for the STD because it helped us save some moolah and was a cute way of sharing our destination wedding plans.

Here’s the front:

And here’s the back:std-back

You like? My friend Matt did a great job. The actual invites are going to be more formal, but if I got this little prize in my mailbox I would be excited. I would want to attend our wedding!

By this weekend I hope to be making a trip to the post office and sending these off. Cross your fingers for me!

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Engagement Party at Buckbean Brewery

Well, on Saturday we celebrated our engagement at Buckbean Brewery. We had such a great time and want to thank everyone who made it to the party (and those who were thinking about us, but couldn’t make it).

Click here to see a slideshow of our engagement party.

Click here to see a slide show of our engagement party.

Click on our photo to watch a slide show from the party. The photos are courtesy of my future sister-in-law Bandara.

My favorite beer at Buckbean is the Orange Blossom while Travis prefers the flavor of Buckbean’s dark beer, the Black Noddy. But I digress…hmmm, beer.

We decided instead of doing a traditional guest book to provide pieces of paper where our guests could give us marriage or wedding advice.

Here are some examples of the great advice that people provided:

“Be quick to forgive and slow to hold a grudge. And always give each other the benefit of the doubt.”  – Dave & Stacy

“Travis always listen to everything Jenny says. I am sure she is always right!” – Amanda (this could be my favorite one!)

“Best advice – don’t get caught up in being “right.” Arguments last too long when you do. Be true to yourselves – that way you’ll fall in love with each other every day.” –  Alison

“As you plan – dream about your beautiful new life together. Be everything to one another! Let your love shine! God Bless!!” – Father George

The party was absolutely fantastic and we both feel so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy V-Day!

Happy V-Day!

A quick note to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. We are having our engagement party today and will be busy prepping for that and entertaining our families, who have flown in.

In honor of today, take a gander at my friend Page’s blog where she gives some excellent advice for celebrating V-Day on a budget.

I’ll post pictures from the party and hope to see many of you there!


We’re Engaged!

On our way to see Phantom of the Opera

On our way to see Phantom of the Opera

Travis proposed on January 3, 2009 at the Orpheum Theater. Why were we at the Orpheum you ask? Well, Travis got me the best Christmas gift ever – tickets to see Phantom of the Opera! I had always dreamed of seeing the show so we drove down to San Francisco and had a great day playing tourists.

It was a really wonderful and romantic day. We had a great lunch, strolled hand in hand down the Wharf, and enjoyed doing cheesy things like going to the Aquarium.

Then we checked into our hotel, got all dressed up and went to dinner. Of course, being the country bumpkins we are, we didn’t make any reservations and ended up eating at a small pizza place (which made the day that much more awesome because I love me some pizza). After eating our delicious dinner we grabbed a cab and headed to the theater.

We were standing in the lobby, waiting for the doors to open, and I told Travis that this was the best Christmas gift anyone had ever given me.

“Really?”, he said, “Someone has to have given you a better present. Think about it.”

“No,” I replied. “This is the best gift because you made a dream come true for me.”

“No, someone has had to get you a better gift.”

I say no again and he goes on to ask me many, many times if this is the best gift. Over and over again I tell him yes, absolutely, positively, without a doubt.

We head to the bar where Travis orders a double. I should have known something was up, but I thought he was just trying to prepare himself to sit through the two plus hours of Phantom.

Finally, they open the doors and we are escorted to our seats. The theater is beautiful in that old theater kind of way. Looking around, you know that everything has been created by hand right down to the ornate carvings.

I start to read the Playbill and Travis asks me again if this is the best Christmas present anyone has ever given me. I turn to him and say an exasperated yes. Then he pulls an open ring box out of his pocket and says, “Well, wouldn’t this make it better?”

“Jennifer Durnan, will you marry me?,” he says.

The ring!

The ring!

Instant tears come to my eyes as I realize this is the moment that I have been waiting for, expecting, hoping will happen. I’m speechless until I manage to utter, “Seriously?”

Somehow I pull myself together and say,”Yes, of course.”

We stare in awe at each other that somehow in this crazy old world we have found each other. He is going to be my husband, I think. How could I be this lucky? I’m overwhelmed. I want to stand up and scream We are engaged! This is my future husband! I don’t want this day, this night, this moment to ever end and in the background the theme song from Phantom of the Opera begins…