Lotto Fever

With an estimated jackpot at half a billion dollars, lotto fever is sweeping over our country. I’d love to say that even though there is more of a chance that we will be struck by a meteorite or lightning that we haven’t bought some tickets, but we have.

It’s a nice distraction. In Reno, NV (the city with the second highest unemployment and foreclosure rates in the USA) we can use distractions like this. It’s fun to imagine what we would do that with that money. It’s fun to think about how life changing it would be.

We’ve purchased tickets and today has been full of day dreaming and what ifs…

At the top of my list would be paying off all of our debt, creating a trust for our child, hiring a personal trainer, getting new cars, helping out charities, friends and family that mean a lot to us.

The thing that I enjoy thinking about the most? Not budgeting. I’m the money manager in our family and I find myself budgeting everyday. I run the numbers constantly, trying to gauge how much room we have in our budget to have fun, eat out, pay off debt, etc. I have Spreadsheets, online budget tools and Dave Ramsey.

The Type A Control Freak in me loves it. The Type B in me doesn’t love it.

What would you do if you never had to worry about money again? What is a life like that like?


3 thoughts on “Lotto Fever

  1. Annie says:

    Chris and I have joked that we’ll know we’ve made it when we can afford to shop at Safeway and Whole Foods all the time, without even thinking about a budget. For us, it all comes back to food!

  2. thedurttybride says:

    Oh so true! If I could shop at Raleys every week and not think about the bill I will know that I have made it!

  3. cathy durnan says:

    When Conor was little, he said he would hire someone to push him on his swing. (Aunt Beth applied for the job)
    I would get a wife. Someone to handle the budgeting, the clothes, the household chores, the daily schedules of who is where and needs to be somewhere else. The worries that mothers, wives, and grandmothers handle on a daily basis.
    Oh yeah, and I would get a pool boy. Dont need the pool, just want to look.

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