A visit with Uncle James

My not so little brother came to visit us last weekend. Soon, he will be moving to Austin, TX for a big job in a big city. I’m so proud of him and excited for the opportunities I know he has coming.

We had a great time visiting with him, eating sushi and pizza, watching The Hunger Games, and watching him play with Henry. Henry is now at the age where he loves to jump and wrestle. He loved having an extra adult in the house to show off for. We’re pretty sure that Uncle James taught Henry to lick other people’s faces. At least that’s a new skill that has come to light this week. Sorry kids at daycare! It’s a phase, I promise, well, I think it is.

I wouldn’t say that Uncle James has the most traditional babysitting methods.

Case  in point:

Exhibit A

Uncle James and Henry

The "Hold Them by the Hood" method of toddler restraint.



























Exhibit B

Uncle James and Henry with rake

The double arm hold to prevent said toddler from running into the suburban street. Notice the keen attention to detail so the rake borrowed from the neighbor's 3 year old is not left behind.

















Exhibit C

The retreat. A good babysitter knows when to throw in the towel.














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