Henry – 1 Year

Dear Henry,

You are one. It’s unbelievable to me how much you’ve changed this year. You went from being an itty bitty newborn to a rambunctious, adventurous, confident toddler. You are walking and starting to talk. You love to give hugs and laugh. Sometimes you try to get a group of adults to laugh by laughing at them. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Your dad and I say to each other every day, “I just can’t believe how much I love him.”

You are our world.

You love people and you aren’t scared of anything (except the blender, you hate the sound of it). You have lots of buddies at daycare and you love to hang out with the big boys. You don’t like bullies and you get upset when your friends wrestle each other. You always want to keep the peace.

Your daycare teachers love you because you’re easy going. You’ve just started throwing tantrums at home. They are so cute that your dad and I can’t help but laugh. You stomp your little feet and sometimes you stretch out flat on the floor.

You eat everything we give you, but your favorites are yogurt, mac ‘n cheese, mandarin oranges and cinnamon toast. You like to slip your food to the dogs.

You love to follow our cat Louie around the house and tackle hug him. He’s very patient with you.

This is you on your birthday:

We had a big party and you loved having all your friends in your house.

We love you Henry! Happy 1st Birthday!


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