Monthly Archives: January 2012

What I Googled Today…

My entire day (ahem…week so far…hello Tuesday) can be summed up by this Google Search that I just performed.

Filing Cabinet Mini Fridge

A sign of true stress. Googling Filing Cabinet Mini Bar

Let’s just say that sometimes working with engineers is not easy. Let’s also say, for the record, that the exclamation mark should be removed from the Microsoft Office Suite. With the exception of Happy Birthday! Congratulations! or You’re Getting a Raise!




I’m 29 today. It’s weird to think that I am departing on the last year of the first decade of adulthood. Last month, I started thinking about it and I was so sad. It seems like the end of an era. So much has happened in the last 9 years.


  • I had my heart broken.
  • I made new friends.
  • I lost friends. 9 years later I wish that I had tried harder.
  • I climbed out of a hole and became myself again.
  • I figured out that I was worth it.
  • I realized how much I enjoy mojitos.
  • I finished college.
  • I moved to a foreign country.
  • I figured out what made me happy.
  • I had bad boss after bad boss.
  • I found a mentor or two.
  • I bought a house.
  • I fell in love. Again. And it was so much better.
  • I got scuba certified.
  • I got engaged.
  • I made more new friends. I realized that friendships are a journey.
  • I traveled.
  • I stuck up for myself.
  • I found out I was pregnant after not knowing if it would be possible.
  • I got married. Yes, in that order.
  • I had a baby.
  • I got more comfortable and confident in my job.
  • I learned that being assertive doesn’t mean being a bitch.
  • I learned that you don’t know love or vulnerability until you are a mother.

And so much more! It’s hard to reflect on these last 9 years and remember every pivotal moment because there have been so many!

After grieving a bit, I decided that I’m going to make this year count so I came up with 29 Goals for my 29th year. You can view my Pin Board with all of my goals here.