Houston, We Have a Biter

As with almost everything in my life, I stress about something and torment myself with all the horrible things that could happen and then life just works out and I’m not stressed anymore and I can breath/not obsess any further.

Breastfeeding would fall into this category.

I was so stressed and sad about quitting breast feeding and then life just worked out.

My baby has 6 teeth. They didn’t come in over night. He got his first two around 7 months and in the last two months four of his top teeth have come in. This didn’t cause any problems until his front teeth made the final descent  right around the nine month mark.

I had started to wean him in the eighth month so one evening I cuddled up with him for one of the few breastfeeding sessions that we were still having.

And he bit me!

I had read about this on BabyCenter and the advice given was to give a stern NO and then relatch the baby. So I tried that.

And he bit me. Two more times.

And then he LAUGHED in my face.

Do I need to describe the pain of having two dagger-like infant teeth bite your nipple?

I didn’t think so.

In that moment the guilt of not breastfeeding was gone. My sweet little, vulnerable baby is becoming a toddler. He’s eating table food, holding his own bottle and trying to scarf down any food he can rip out of our hands. Soon he will be walking and I realized that this phase of mothering my baby has passed.

And I’m ok with it. Really, really ok.


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