Jessica Alba – I may love you

I’ve never been a big fan of Jessica Alba. My opinion didn’t have much to do with her acting ability, but instead was rooted in jealousy and insecurity brought on by an ex-boyfriend who used to remark on how HOTT Alba was every time she appeared.

She and Halle Berry.

Neither of which I look like or ever will.

Anyway, let’s put my emotional baggage away for a sec, mmmmkaaaay?

On today’s Wonder Wall (my early morning guilty pleasure), Alba talks about her post baby body and how things are just different. I read this with a sigh of relief. If my new pal Jessica had this issue and she has access to Hollywood’s trainers, chefs, yogis, plastic surgeons, amazing miracle drugs and spas, then little ol me in Reno, Nevada shouldn’t be so concerned with zipping up the many pairs of pants that are hanging in my closet. Jessica looks amazing and I like how she seems to have accepted her new body.

My favorite part of the article, however, is the dig at Gisele.

I mean, really, Gisele. Just STFU already.


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