Four Months

Henry turned four months old last week and this month has brought big changes!

First a photo. Or two. Or three.

He gives me this look a lot. Really mom?


Henry teething. Or pre-teething. Or just working on his drool/slobber abilities.


Henry asleep and teething.

Sophie the giraffe must taste pretty good.


Now a crappy video. I promise that we are working on getting a better camera so the quality will be better in the future.

This is Henry having his first tastes of rice cereal. He really surprised us with how much he likes eating it!

He’s figuring his hands out more and more, getting closer to sitting up on his own and charming us with his smiles and giggles.

He was sleeping like a champ until he got his four month vaccines. This week has been tough, but we’re hoping that he gets back to sleeping a good 7 hour stretch again. One night feeding is manageable and almost enjoyable. Three night feedings is pure hell.

And of course, the most important part – baby stats!

At four months Henry is weighing in at 16. 8 pounds, is 26 inches long and has a head circumference of 17.5 inches. He’s a monster!


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