Hitting the Due Date

When you hit your due date a couple of fun things happen:

  • doctors start throwing out words like amniotic fluid, NST and overdue
  • BabyCenter.com sends you a congratulatory email on your new arrival and the website assumes you have a newborn
  • Your husband brings home a can of jalapenos and a sheet of labor-inducing pressure points
  • You may or may not break down in tears in the hospital parking lot because the nurses at your doctor’s office treat you like a leper “TODAY is your due date? Why isn’t anything happening?”
  • Your conversations with your baby turn from random babbling to using phrases like, “Go towards the light little guy.” “We’re ready for you.” and “Please, please, please come out.”

One of the most fascinating parts of seeing both an OB and a midwife are their philosophies about due dates. In the OB’s eyes anything past 40 weeks is not good. They start talking inducing and testing. The midwife philosophy is that the baby will come when it is ready. As I mentioned earlier in the week, the average date of arrival with a first time mom is 41 weeks and 1 day so the midwives prescribe to that. Only at 42 weeks does my midwife initiate the NST (non-stress test) or ultrasound.

The co-care situation (the term for seeing the midwife and the OB) is an interesting predicament. I want to trust my body and I know that my body is preparing for labor, but after visits with the OB, I start to doubt that. I start to wonder if my desire for a natural, drug free birth will be possible. Then I see the midwife and my faith is renewed. Her confidence and experience with first time moms sets my mind at ease.

It’s a bit of a roller coaster for this hormonal, emotional pregnant woman.


One thought on “Hitting the Due Date

  1. rebellin says:

    *hugs* Hang in there!

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