Newborn Baby Necessities

Stork Delivering Baby

Soon making his debut...Baby Petty

Well, well, well – here we find ourselves in Pregnancy Week 36. Heading into full term baby territory. Meaning this baby is dropping like it’s hot and after next Thursday could arrive at anytime and be in the safe zone.

The mere thought sets my heart pitter pattering with excitement, fear and an incredible feeling that I am not nearly prepared enough. So I’m turning to you, blog friends and family.

I want your advice.

I want you to tell me the absolute essentials that I need to have in my household for the day Baby Angus arrives.

What is a must have?

What can’t I live without?

What is completely useless?

If I were to believe Babies ‘R Us, it seems that I need a little something from each of their departments and every one of those items costs $100. Suspect non? You don’t believe me? Check out their “New Parent’s Checklist.”

Please fill me in or I fear this baby will end up sleeping in a dresser drawer, wrapped in one of Trav Man’s souvenir t-shirts and slathered in baby lotion. Wait – did I just admit those are actual thoughts that have crossed my mind? I promise you I am taking an infant care class in a few weeks so as long as Baby Angus stays put until closer to his due date I swear that I won’t prepare any dresser drawers.


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8 thoughts on “Newborn Baby Necessities

  1. Valerie says:


    We have four kids now, so over the course of the last six years, we have accumulated and gotten rid of quite a few baby things. In my book, baby essentials include a good baby bath tub (we LOVE the Eurotub from Amazon because it lasts for a long time, not just for those infant days.) Burp rags and receiving blankets in case you have a spitter. I just lay down a doubled up receiving blanket on our bed or in the crib over the sheet in case the baby spits up. It’s nice to just toss that blanket into to wash, instead of having to wash all of the sheets/matress protector everytime! Even though some doctors say it is old school to use alcohol swabs on your babies umbilical cord, I still do it once a day. Our first daughter was given a full immersion bath right after birth, and wouldn’t you know that her umbilical cord became infected. After a life flight helicopter ride, a weeks worth of heavy duty antibiotics, and bills that added up to about $25,000, I think I will stick with wiping down the umbilical area once a day and not doing a full immersion bath until the cord falls off. (Sorry if that scared you.) Our kids have loved a baby swing, which we have just used a little travel swing. I would totally recommend some sort of baby holder (swing, bouncy seat, vibrating seat) so that you can have free hands some times. I usually just end up bringing the little swing and baby into the bathroom with me while I shower. What else? If you are planning to breastfeed – lanolin and soothies (gel pads) might come in very handy for you. I don’t have an Ergo baby carrier or a Moby wrap, but everyone that does have them seem to just rave about them both. If you haven’t gotten a set of baby nail clippers yet, you will want to. Also a good thermometer and a bottle of infant tylenol drops just in case. One last thing you MUST have is mylicon infant gas drops (or the generic). Our kids have all had a hard time burping at first, which makes for an uncomfortable baby.

    I have some of those other things that BRU claims you have to have, but I’ve either gotten rid of them, or they are in the storage shed ready to be given away. This would include a boppy pillow, about three or four other BIG floor toys for babies to lay under and play with, and I can’t even remember the others because I probably gave them away a long time ago. I always think that if it is really cumbersome to store and it will only be used for a very short time, then we don’t get or keep it. It is a different story though if it will buy you some sleep time or shower time (aka our swing). Happy Parenting! You will do great!

    • thedurttybride says:

      Wow! Four little ones! Congratulations!

      Thank you so much for the great advice. I’m going to look into the products that you recommend and heed your advice on the umbilical cord cleaning.

  2. aunt cathy says:

    a good camera so you can share with the relatives that live in say Delaware.

    • thedurttybride says:

      We’ve got the cameras covered Aunt Cathy! Hopefully, we’ll get back to DE in the next year or so to visit.

  3. Lynnette says:

    Wow, Aunt Cathy sure covered the territory here. I’d say you don’t really need a bassinet, because most pack and plays come with a bassinet insert which works just as well. Ditto on the swing, plus you need a good carrier (Loved my Ergo Carrier with the infant insert), and I’d get a jogging stroller system with a clip in car seat (my hubby calls the jogger the Mercedes of strollers). As you’re having a winter baby, you’ll want a snow suit and hats. The kids can pretty much live in footie pjs this time of year, and the ones that ZIP up are the most convenient in the middle of the night.

    Also, some great advice I got is to start trying to teach your baby the difference between day and night right when you get home. In other words, when he wakes up in the middle of the night, you work with minimal light (overhead on a dimmer, nightlight, etc.), and don’t talk/interact with him. Don’t make eye contact — just change the diaper, feed, and swaddle. Then, during the day, you interact, play with him, etc. That way, he starts to learn pretty quick that you’re not going to play with him or entertain him in the middle of the night.

    Oh, I loved my Miracle Blanket, which was the best swaddle blanket I could find. In fact, if you don’t have a good one, mine is looking for a good home, and it’s yours if you want it (it’s blue, conveniently enough).

    I also have a book called “Making Enough Milk”, which give you tips on how to increase your milk supply, as I had really low supply both times… I also own a book about weight loss while breast feeding, and you could have both if you are interested!

    This is an exciting time for you! Take the advice of “sleep when your baby sleeps” seriously. I didn’t do that the first day home from the hospital, and the baby was up ALL night, which made for a rough start for us.

    Best of luck!!! Can’t wait to hear how it all goes for you!

    • thedurttybride says:

      Lynette – yes, yes, and yes please. Thanks so much for the good tips and I will gladly take anything you want to give me!

  4. Camille says:

    totally stealing all your good advice! Thanks!
    I am so excited for you! Have the most wonderful time before the little dude comes!

  5. Aunt Beth says:

    Snap sided tee shirts. They are much easier to use on a newborn.

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