Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes Test

Bottoms Up! Look at the lady in the background. She was totes suspect of me. BTW, this photo is fuzzy because I was already drunk. I joke, I joke.

I went a little hypochondriac on myself and developed a fear of gestational diabetes. I hadn’t given it much thought until my doctor handed me the lab slip at Week 24 and asked that I get the test done ASAP.

I did what logic would dictate and waited four more weeks to have the test done. I freaked myself out thinking about all the fruit and ice cream I had been consuming. Even though I knew that I wasn’t having any of the symptoms and that my weight gain is on track, I still got a little crazy and Googled my ass off. By the time I took the test I knew that I probably didn’t have it, but I still freaked myself out. Then I did something really smart.

I took the test after Thanksgiving! How dumb is that!

I ate my baby’s weight in pie that weekend and then took off to the lab to down the fabulous orange soda-like concoction and have my blood drawn. I’m smart. Promise.

Anyway, I had my 32 Week appointment last week and all is well in the GD department. I can now continue on eating fruit, ice cream and having sugar in my decaf coffee while feeling no guilt.

Hallelujah! How would I survive this last few weeks without ice cream. For realz, though, how?

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6 thoughts on “Gestational Diabetes

  1. Susan says:

    I’m glad things are ok. It’s enough having to worry about the baby and then worry about what not to eat when you are starving for some snacks!

  2. aunt cathy says:

    Glad the GD is a no go!!! But remember big babies can still run in the family. Your cousins were 9 6 1/2 Emma, 9 6 Conor and 9 4 Erin. But no GD thank god!!!!
    And my advice for a name is whatever you think of when you see him for the first time. But I like Declan or Dominic. They just didn’t go with Durnan.

    • thedurttybride says:

      Yes, my brother was in the 9 lb. club too so I’m fully expecting a big ‘ol baby! Travis was only 7 lbs. though so I’m holding onto that – today he’s 6’4″ and a big guy so we shall see!

  3. Patty says:

    JEALOUS! I’ve been dealing with gestational diabetes for the third time now. I can’t seem to pass that darn test. You’re so lucky!

  4. Camille says:

    Just drank my easydex drink and I want to puke a little!

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