Braxton Hicks – A Poem

Ode to Braxton Hicks

You feel like Pilates on steroids
But without the lycra or spandex
Or the instructor who is just too pretty
Too toned, too balanced and too flexible

You sneak up on me
Sometimes I wonder, “Was that really it?”
Sometimes there’s no mistaking
That the tightening in my abs
Has nothing to do with those ridiculous workouts I used to do

But this is a different workout
The kind that gets your body ready
For bringing a baby into the world
A workout that my body does without asking permission
From my mind or tummy

The first time you scared me a bit
Caught me off guard in the middle of an important conference call
I caught my breath
You don’t hurt
But your strength is undeniable

Thank you Braxton Hicks
For toning my womb
Preparing me for the marathon that labor will be
Those Pilates instructors would be impressed

The End.

You’re impressed right? With my poetry ability? Non? That’s French.

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