Treating Sciatica During Pregnancy

I will say it loudly this time:


I had a slight reprieve from the Sciatica tingly, on fire butt cheek for a few weeks and now it has sought me out with vengeance. In both cheeks. BOTH OF THEM.

Why God?

I now can find no comfortable sleeping position, meaning that 1:50 A.M. through 3:30 A.M. stars yours truly. Tossing and turning, arranging pillows, attempting to sleep on my back and then giving up out of sheer guilt. The hypnobirthing classes have taught me great relaxation and breathing techniques, but alas, they have not taught me anything about butt cheeks.

I’ve found a couple of  things that help:

Pre-Natal Yoga – I try to do the Zen Mama DVD once a week and then practice the poses throughout the week while watching TV. Unfortunately, I didn’t do any yoga over the Thanksgiving holiday and instead used that time to eat homemade Pecan and Apple Pie. Eating pie is like yoga, but with more sugar, joy and satisfaction.

Ice – Have you ever iced your butt cheek? It’s both terrifying and exhilarating. But it works to provide some temporary relief from the butt cheek on fire pain.

Acupuncture – I’ve been getting acupuncture every few weeks and I’ve noticed that it helps with the nerve pain. I don’t know how it works, but it does.

Massage – Massage seems to help, but it’s a temporary fix. Plus when you are 7 months pregnant asking your husband for a butt massage is not always the wisest move. You know what I’m sayin’? It’s called a mixed message.

Not Laying Down – If only I could sleep standing up. All my Sciatica problems would be solved.

If anyone else has found the cure for this fun pregnancy symptom I would be eternally grateful and I might even stop posting about my butt cheek. Now that would make you happy, right?

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