That Sleep Thing

La Reve

La Reve by Picasso. Your art history lesson for today. You're welcome.

True Pregnancy Confession: I did not know that I would not sleep before the baby arrived.

I was warned that I should get as much sleep as I could before our little monster makes his debut, but since the start of the second trimester, sleep has become an illusive memory. Not every night is bad. Just the nights that really matter – like the night before I need to be on my toes for work meetings or need to be well rested for an exceptionally long day ahead.

The issue seems to be a mix of my anxiety and Mr. Baby Angus’s sleep patterns. It turns out he likes to host a womb dance party around 2 a.m. While I love feeling him move and have yet to get tired of the little kicks and punches, I still can’t help but desire a little more sleep and a little less Kung Fu action in the middle of the night.

Once I’m awake it’s tough to quiet my mind. I get started with  my to-do list, which leads to how far behind I feel all the time, which leads to, “Seriously, God? You gave me a baby? For realz, yo – you know me right?”


The other thing making it difficult is my expanding girth. Even though the belly is not out of this universe huge, it still takes quite a bit of effort to move from one side to the other. And sometimes, when I get on that recommended left side, I feel like I am crushing Baby Angus. I’ve become quite the pro pillow arranger.

And hey, pregnant mommas and used-to-be-pregnant mommas out there – how good does sleeping on your back feel?

I’m sure the Uterus Police will be on me about that, but seriously. It’s like way awesome.


But truly, the thing that has surprised me the most? How little sleep I actually need to function like an almost normal, waddling, front heavy woman. It has to be an evolutionary mechanism, developed in the days of the cavemen, to prepare me for the sleepless nights ahead. It HAS to be.


One thought on “That Sleep Thing

  1. Emma says:

    I sleep more now (with a newborn) then I did when I was pregnant. I totally understand. And I woke up in the middle of the night on my back ALL the time… it really is the most comfortable position.

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