Everyone has words that they have a hard time pronouncing. For me my list includes linoleum, which almost always comes out lilloleum if I don’t stop and think about pronouncing it. My mom can’t pronounce mammoth. It always comes out mommeth.

Through this pregnancy I get to add another word to my list – Sciatica.

Sciatica: Pain, weakness, tingling, or numbness in the leg.

Oh you’d like me to use it in a sentence?

“Travis, I think I have skycatica.”


“Skycatica. In my hip, butt and leg.”

“Jenny, you’re saying it wrong. It’s Siiighatica.”

“Scicatica. Sky-cat-ti-ca?”



“No, not like sci-fi. Sigh-at-ti-ca.”

This continued on for quite some time. Kind of like this scene from Friends where Joey tries to learn French.

Anyway, this pain started at my SI joint (that’s what my acupuncturist calls it) and now my right ass cheek feels like it is on fire. The pain is annoying, but the worst part is trying to get comfortable at night. It seems to get worse at 2 a.m. or when I lay on my side, which is the recommended sleeping position for pregnant women. I’m trying to stay drug free while pregnant, but last night I gave in and went for the Tylenol PM. Didn’t do a damn thing. So this afternoon I’m off to a pre-natal massage. When the masseuse asks what I’d like to focus on I will have no problem saying, “My right ass cheek please.”

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