Predicting Gender

It took the doctor about five minutes into the ultrasound to pronounce that she “saw a third leg.” If you weren’t aware or didn’t attend medical school that’s very technical doctor speak for “penis.”

Yep! We’re having a little boy!

Before finding out the gender, Travis and I did just about every little trick to try and guess the gender of our baby.

Here’s the results:

Father’s Intuition

Travis has felt that the baby was a boy from the beginning. So did our neighbor. And a good friend of ours. And my mom and brother. I had no clue and didn’t feel one way or the other.

Result: Correct.

Chinese Birth Chart

My acupuncturist swore by the Chinese Birth Chart and said it was always correct. My result said that we were having a girl.

Result: WRONG

Dangling Wedding Ring Over Stomach

We tried this early on and I was never certain that the ring spun any certain way. I was sure Travis was manipulating it to make it say boy.

Result: Inconclusive

Lustrous Hair and Nails

An Old Wive’s Tale says that when you are pregnant with a baby girl she will “steal you beauty.” I think this is kind of ridiculous, but the idea is that if you are pregnant with a boy your hair will be more lustrous and your nails will look amazing. My hair has grown a lot, but I think that has more to do with my pre-natal vitamins.

Result: Inconclusive

Food Cravings

They say it’s sweet cravings for a girl and salty cravings for a boy. All I have to say is that I have always had a sweet tooth and if I followed this rule I would have been pregnant with a girl for most of my life. In general, I haven’t had any cravings. Nothing that has made my husband head to 7-11 in the middle of the night or anything.

Result: WRONG

How You Carry

Another old myth is that if you are carrying high it’s a girl and low it’s a boy. I don’t really know how I am carrying. My stomach is getting bigger by the second. That’s a fact.

Result: Inconclusive

Heart Rate

Over 140 and it’s a girl. Under 140 and it’s a boy. At our first ultrasound appointment (10 weeks) our baby’s heart rate was over 180. Apparently, he was as excited as us that day. At last week’s ultrasound the heartbeat was 149.

Result: WRONG

Even and Odd

Take the mother’s age at conception and the month that the baby was conceived (i.e. May=5). If both are even or odd it’s a girl. If one is even and the other odd it’s a boy.

Result: WRONG

Morning Sickness

If you’re sick as a dog for the entire first trimester and beyond it’s a girl. If not, it’s a boy. I had really mild morning sickness that only lasted for about 3 weeks. Compared to some of my friends this is a true blessing. I’m not sure if I can totally give the baby’s gender credit for this since neither my mother or grandmother suffered from morning sickness. Maybe it’s more of a genetic thing?

Result: Correct. I think.

Methods I Did Not Try

The Drano Test – You pee in a cup. You add some Drano.  If it turns green it’s a girl. Blue it’s a boy. I don’t like the idea of using Drano for anything other than unblocking stubborn drains.

IntelliGender – A couple of my friend’s recommended the IntelliGender test. It retails for around $30 at Target and Walmart. It’s a pee test that’s supposed to tell you the gender. My friend Jenna swears it’s accurate. I was so tempted to buy this test, and then I rationalized how much more fun it would be to spend $30 on cute little baby clothes.

What did I miss? Did anyone try something crazy to try and guess the gender? Was it accurate?


3 thoughts on “Predicting Gender

  1. Lynnette says:

    I had one of each gender, and my pregnancies were almost identical. It’s definitely good to know so that you can get a head start on decorating and baby clothes. Congrats!!!


  2. Jill says:

    I love your assessment of all of the different tests. I haven’t had a clue when asked what I think it is. So I am in the same boat as you. The baby shoe will drop on Oct. 28!

  3. thedurttybride says:

    So excited for you Jill! It was really fun seeing the baby again – they grow and change so much between appointments.

    Lynette – Ahhhh! The baby clothes! I’ve resisted so far, but it’s so hard! Everything is so tiny and cute.

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