Today we find out if we’re having a girl or a boy. The suspense of this is killing me – so much hinges on knowing who this little person is. Will we have a little boy that Travis will wrestle with the same way he wrestles with the dogs? Or will we have a little girl who will be a spitfire like the little girl I’ve befriended next door? Will I get to ewww and ahhh over little baby dresses for the next 4 months or find fashionable little boy clothes that the little guy will certainly only approve of until he can speak.

Even thinking ahead like this I think about the challenges with raising either gender. And there are challenges. I don’t believe that any gender is easier than the other.

Raising a girl I worry about instilling confidence, self-esteem, having a mother-daughter relationship that is the right mix of friend/role model/enforcer.

Raising a boy I worry about the pressures of his peers. I worry about raising a man that is good and honest. A man who will do the right thing.

Of course, I will update once we know! I’ve got a big fat glass of orange juice waiting for me – the ladies in my office said it would get the baby moving for the ultrasound!


One thought on “Suspense

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