Maternity Clothes: An Expose Part I

Like almost everything involving pregnancy, I knew absolutely nothing about maternity clothes. When my pants started to get uncomfortable (like I could still wear them if I didn’t mind feeling like my body was being cut in half) I decided to buy a few things to stretch my wardrobe. This happened around 15 weeks. At the exact moment that I was starting a new job. And had nothing to wear.

First stop – Target.

Target has an OK selection. I purchased a pair of pants and two shirts that looked maternity, but not maternity. Meaning I could still pull off wearing them without looking totally, obviously pregnant since at this point we were still keeping our secret. I opted for a pair of full panel black pants. Because a) black is slimming and as a pregnant woman hiding that she is not a pregnant woman this was key – what stomach? b) I didn’t know this at the time, but full panel is the only way to go. Without the full panel you spend all day pulling up your pants.

Things I did not like about Target’s Maternity Section:

1. Some of the clothing had bows on it. I hate bows, but I especially hate bows when they are put on maternity clothes to make you look “cute.” Bows are for little girls and show dogs.

2. The marketing photos in this department show pregnant women at nightclubs. Call me a prude, but what pregnant woman feels like throwing on a cocktail dress and dancing the night away while surrounded by more pregnant woman? All whilst surrounded by other people who can DRINK. Not cool Target. So not cool.

The absolute highlight of my day is getting home and putting on a worn out pair of Old Navy yoga pants that have not seen a whole lot of, if any, yoga. On second thought, no one wants to see that while shopping. Keep dancing away girls!

Target Maternity Clothes

Ok, so their online ads are a lot more appropriate. And kind of cute.

Next stop was Old Navy.

Here in Reno there is only one Old Navy store that sells maternity clothes and these are tucked away at the back of the store near the kiddie clothes (note to the Reno crowd – it’s the Summit Store, shout out Alexia, you win!). The selection is grim with mostly discounted t-shirts and pants. There are a few seasonal items like sweaters, but if you’re a sucker for cheap then hit The maternity selection is large and I loved the stylized outfits that their savvy marketing folks put together. I even bought a few of the complete outfits. From their website I purchased a few sweaters, tops, leggings, and a jean skirt.

What I don’t like about Old Navy maternity clothes:

  • Because I had to purchase the clothes online I couldn’t try them on. Old Navy sizes are big to begin with, but it’s like they’ve doubled the maternity sizes. These clothes are freaking huge! I’m told that I will be surprised at the end how well they will fit, but right now in the in-between stage of just starting to show, I look more like a person who doesn’t know how to purchase clothing.

Hand Me Down/Gifts

OMG hand me downs are a true life saver. Thanks to my good friend Annie I have a good selection of work appropriate shirts and pants that have truly helped me out. And a big thanks to my mom who was on a mission to stock my closet with work appropriate mommy clothing. She went to a Motherhood Maternity outlet store and bought me enough sweaters and pants to make my transition into a new job that much easier. She even tried on the baby bump they provided to make sure the clothes would fit. Heck yeah she did!

What I don’t like about Hand Me Downs and Gifts:

  • Are you freaking kidding me? These are awesome!

I’m told that Motherhood Maternity and Kohls have great cute maternity clothes that don’t make you feel like a whale so in “Maternity Clothes: An Expose Part II,” I will be heading to these fine establishments.

Mommy friends – where’s your favorite place to find maternity clothes that don’t include bows? And do you, in fact, dance the night away whilst wearing a maternity cocktail dress?


6 thoughts on “Maternity Clothes: An Expose Part I

  1. Lacie says:

    You are totally right about all of it!
    Yo gotta love those “night club pics” REALLY who does that, totally with you on hanging out in the yoga pants! πŸ™‚
    I have to say I like motherhood and burlington coat factory had really cute stuff and it fit well! I also bought JCpenny maternity.

    Hope this gives you some ideas as where to shop!

    Congrats again! πŸ™‚

  2. thedurttybride says:

    Thanks for the tip Lacie! I will definitely check out JCPenney and Burlington.

    • Lacie says:

      Oh Jenny, I’m sure you already know about the maternity belly bands, But I loved them I just wore my normal pants and shorts and used them, just a little FYI for ya! πŸ™‚

  3. rebellin says:

    I recommend spending the money to get 1-2 pairs of Gap jeans. They have a maternity section in the store at the Summit. I wore mine all the time, and they were stylish, yet comfortable. I found the Old Navy jeans constantly were sliding down in the last trimaster.

    Hand me downs are good, but buy some clothes that make you feel really good, as you’ll need that in the later months! πŸ˜‰

  4. thedurttybride says:

    Lynette – I love Gap jeans, but was super disappointed to find out that they have done away with the maternity section at The Summit. I admit, that I feel the best when I get to wear jeans and a maternity t-shirt. It makes me feel more like “me.”

    I’ll keep an eye out when I find the clothes that make me feel really good!

  5. […] As I’m rounding out the first trimester, the fatigue actually gets worse. I come home every night and take a nap before we eat dinner. I sleep a solid 10-12 hours every Friday night. I take a nap every Saturday and Sunday. I pee constantly. I’m not hungry and my weight has actually dropped since finding out I am pregnant. However, a lower weight does not mean smaller clothes. In fact, my regular clothes aren’t comfortable anymore so I buy my first maternity clothes. […]

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