The New Dessert

Sexy. Damn Sexy.

I’ve been really lucky in that I’ve felt decent for most of my pregnancy. I had only 3 weeks of morning sickness. The fatigue was overwhelming, but after dealing with Hashimotos it wasn’t something that I was unfamiliar with.

Then, in my 19th week I felt as if my intestines were trying to beat their way out of my body. Yes, beat their way. With sticks and stones and other such heinous things.

Like most pregnant women I immediately hit

My self diagnosis and treatment included fiber, more fiber with a side of fiber. Oh and plenty of water to wash all that fiber down.

TMI? Oops!

So the other night while my handsome husband worked on his sympathy weight with a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream, I poured myself a big old bowl of tasty, sexy All Bran. Oh yeah, you know this pregnancy stuff is romantic right? Like super romantic.

Example: Having a conversation as newlyweds about FiberSure vs. Metamucil. Oh baby! That’s hot.

So hot it melts your Popsicle…

But really, if anyone else out there has even been in this predicament I would like to know how you dealt with it. Feel free to leave an anonymous comment and let me know what helped your intestines fall in love with you again. Or leave me a funny story about what your romantic pregnant moments looked/sounded like. I hope your memories includes fiber rich cereal.


5 thoughts on “The New Dessert

  1. Val says:

    I had to switch prenatal vitamins because the gigantic load of iron in most prenatal vitamins landed me in the same predicament. It did not matter how much fiber I ate or water that I drank. Since last October I have been taking prenatals by a company named Melaleuca and they have been wonderful for my intestines! The iron is in a different form from the other vitamins that I was taking. My OB recommended that I switch to a vitamin with iron in the form of ferrous fructose, and Melaleuca was the only place that I found it. Good Luck to you!

  2. thedurttybride says:

    Oh thanks for the good tip! I hadn’t even thought of that. I’ll have to check my vitamins out and see what is in them.

  3. Jill says:

    You MUST check out these products. THEY ARE THE BEST EVER!! I have the boob tube, tummy rub, and balm. It’s the “Boobs, Bellies and Bottoms kit. I love it and want you to love it to :-).

  4. thedurttybride says:

    I’m going to check these out! I’ve been doing the cocoa butter thing and wouldn’t mind a new product or two!

  5. […] dealing with stomach issues. They suck. My All Bran intake increases […]

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