Monthly Archives: July 2010

Oh hi. I’m married.

I wondered if I would be one of those girls who fell into a deep, dark depression after my wedding. To my delight I am not. I feel nothing but a sense of relief that 18 months of planning resulted in one of the best days of my life and now feel completely ready to move on to the next chapter of marital bliss.

Everyone asks, “Is it different being married?”

And the short answer is no. Not really. Just a title change with larger responsibilities, like commiting myself to one person FOREVER. No big deal.  In reality, day to day life has not changed that much. In fact, it’s been very much the same as before with less crafting and more sleeping.

Perhaps, it’s because we’ve lived together for three years, working out the housekeeping/personal space issues in that first year. And if I did it again I wouldn’t do it any other way. Living together before we made this commitment gave us realistic expectations of what cohabiting is like. I suck at housework. I lack the motivation (or time) to keep the laundry pile in control. The big T leaves water/beer bottles everywhere (like behind the couch?????).

It also gave us the chance to figure out money, who would be responsible for bill paying and who would be responsible for yard maintenance. Mundane domestic things like that. We’ve also braved a few storms together including death, divorce, real estate hell, economic hell, and various familial issues.

So I married a man that I really knew. And I couldn’t be happier that I did.

I promise I will begin posting again soon with a complete wedding recap.

For now, there is more sleep to be had.