Bridesmaid Dress

Roaming through the older posts that I’ve done I realized that I’ve been a bit of a tease. I tell you I will update you and then I don’t. It’s not nice really.

If you recall, months ago I was on the hunt for navy bridesmaid’s dresses, seeing as I have 7 (SEVEN) bridesmaids who all have different body shapes, tastes, and preferences.

I’ve been a bridesmaid a couple of times (3) and wanted to be sensitive to the dress situation since I’ve had a few horrible dress shopping incidents myself.

Anyway, if you forgot who the contenders were you can take a gander here.

The winner was:

Alfred Angelo Style 7017S

Imagine that dress, but tea length and not long. I went with navy with a kiwi sash. The dress is surprisingly light weight and will make an excellent beachy, but formal dress. The girls say they like it, but hello, they have to.

I really focused on finding a dress that I thought everyone would like, but when it comes down to it finding that perfect dress for everyone is a lot like that fairytale “The Traveling Pants” or whatever the hell that book/movie is called.

Instead I had a few bridesmaids with different body shapes try the dresses that had made the final cut. This dress, with it’s A-line, strapless cut was definitely the winner.


2 thoughts on “Bridesmaid Dress

  1. Sally Upton says:

    I really do love it and I am not just saying that!!! It is completely my taste in style and color. You made me one very happy bridesmaid – I was happy already but it was just the flowers on the icing on the cake.

  2. Julie says:

    I can just imagine you going around shops picking hundreds of dresses, taking pictures and talking about each dress around a table with 5 other hardcore wedding goers. You get down to the final 20 dresses and buy 10 of each.

    You go through rigorous tests, one by one. You throw rocks at it to see if it can handle the strain, you put them on girls and shoot at the ground as they run around. It shows how strong the dress is.
    Finally you’re down to your final dress, this magnificent piece of mastery. Yours. Your own.
    And then you fall to your knees weeping, weeping for all the lost souls of dresses that made this one possible. This one dress to rule them all.

    Maybe not though.

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