Wedding Programs

I’m obsessed with all things paper. It’s been an addiction since I was a kid. I just love paper, which is ironic considering my profession. Pause. Deep moment of reflection.

Ok. Done with that.

I have this vision of what our wedding program will look like. I want it to blend with the other paper pieces from our wedding while being a piece that I can save (hello, my name is Jenny and I’m a hoarder). I don’t have the budget to have someone make the program and I haven’t found any program kits that I really like.

If you’re looking for a wedding program kit I would recommend these sites:

Rexcraft – because, duh.

Wedding Programs Fast – great templates

iDo Graphics – some cute stuff

Because we are having a Catholic wedding the program is a little long. I’m also including a page that outlines the meaning of a Catholic wedding ceremony. I want our guests to know what they are witnessing because even I get confused at Catholic weddings.

My solution is to create my own programs, which will be cheaper than buying a kit or having someone make them. I found this great site that explains how to make your wedding program in Microsoft Word. I’m going to add a navy or green cover to mine, a little ribbon, and a monogram or something.

How to Make Wedding Program in Word

Photos to come in the future if you’re good and eat all your vegetables, do your chores, and act politely.

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One thought on “Wedding Programs

  1. Cindy says:

    Jenny – they were FABULOUS! The programs coordinated with the whole theme. A++ for savvy style!!

    p.s. I too have had a paper addiction since childhood. I can’t help buying fancy papers even if I don’t have a current use for them. Because someday I may!

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