Month Two, ? Workouts

Lat week I did my fitness testing again to see the progress that I’ve made in the last month. This month was more challenging since I traveled, gave birth (see, my baby), delved into full on wedding madness and had some emotional ups and downs. I’ve I lost track of how many workouts this would be, but I’m guesstimating that it is around 30?

I still absolutely love working out at MRI and with Camie, my trainer. She is truly one of the most inspirational, genuine, and kind people that I have ever met. It also helps that she laughs at my jokes. Like this morning when I could hardly breathe. I told her I was going to come at her like a Spider Monkey. She laughed and came back at me with a southern drawl. Anyone who gets references to Talladaga Nights is A-Ok in my book.

Anyhoo, here are my results for this month:

Measurement 3/10/10 4/1/10 4/13/2010 5/14/2010 Change
Chest 43 inches 42 inches 41 3/4 inches 41 1/4 inches 1 1/4 inches
Arm 13 3/4 inches 13 1/2 inches 13 1/4 inches 13 1/4 1/2 inch
Waist 40 inches 40 inches 39 inches 39 inches 1 inch
Hip 47 inches 45 1/2 inches 45 1/2 inches 45 1/2 inches 1 1/2 inches
Thigh 28 1/2 inches 27 1/2 inches 26 3/4 26 3/4 1 3/4 inches
Calf 17 inches 16 inches 16 1/4 17 ??? Probably all those stairs!
Push Ups 29 37 40 45 16 more!
Sit Ups (the real kind) 22 26 33 36 14 more!
Mile Run 13:55 minutes 11:45 minutes N/A 10:54 minutes 3:01 faster!

I have to tell you that originally I was disappointed that I hadn’t lost more inches. It was so motivating last month to see those numbers drop. It got me down for a bit and then I started thinking about other things that I’ve noticed are changing. For instance, my jeans are too big. MY JEANS ARE TOO BIG. My clothes fit. I’m not squeezing into anything. I sleep like a rock. Emotionally, I feel GOOD. Taking that hour or so every morning to move and sweat puts things into perspective, makes me let go of the things that are on my mind. My overall fitness and strength are improving. I ran a freaking mile this morning and I almost did it in 10 minutes. I haven’t done that in years. Really. Years.

I’ve lost 14 15.2 pounds! At my first wedding dress fitting the seamstress had to take in inches from each side. She tried to convince me not to lose anymore weight. My wedding dress zipped up with no problem. In December I had to suck it in to get it on. My body fat is down 4%!

I always find it funny how the universe sends you little signals and signs. After I got done running my mile and could hardly breathe this woman at the gym came up to me. She’s in excellent shape and I can tell she’s an athlete. Maybe a runner or something. She said, “You were busting it on that treadmill. I wasn’t even sure you were breathing.” I kind of giggled, brushing off her compliment like I do so often. Then she said, “No, I’m serious. You were really moving.” Made me feel so good to hear that. Then later another girl who works out at the same time as me said, “You get here earlier than me every morning and you are always busting your ass.”

Yep, I am. Or Camie busts it for me.

So despite the fact that I am not so happy about not losing any inches I realize that this is a journey and part of that journey is gaining confidence and feeling good on the inside. These compliments at the gym mean more to me than these strangers will ever know. And the results that I feel on the inside are almost as good as losing lbs. and inches.

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