Life Advice from a 27 Year Old

Many people think that with age comes wisdom. I disagree with that.

Wisdom comes from experiences (not years of experience), self-awareness and reflection. Sometimes we learn lessons very early in life, sometimes we don’t.

I agree with every piece of advice from The Frisky.

Here’s a few of my own pearls of wisdom:

1. Passion and drama are not the same thing. Don’t create drama to feel passionate.

2. Buy swimsuits a size too large.

3. Things are often going to be hard and scary. Don’t let those circumstances deter you from taking the tough road.

4. Emotions lie. The mind truly can be a battlefield.

5. Purchase a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks once a year and after you have worked out for two hours. They have 470 calories.

6. Exercise. Yeah, it kind of sucks, but the cancer rates thank you for it. So does your waistline.

7. Cooking is not that hard so don’t use, “I don’t know how,” as an excuse.

8. Everyone says relationships are work. They are, but most of the relationship should be easy.

9. Eat as many fruits and veggies as you can everyday.

10. Take vacations. Every year. Take long weekends every few months.

11. Doubt means don’t. Real doubt, not the fake kind that we use as an excuse to get out of trying something new.

12. Don’t pretend to like things just because a guy does. i.e. sports.

13. Find a guy/girl that you can be yourself with. All. The. Time. You’ll find complete serenity in knowing that you have a best friend to come home to who knows your greatest faults and loves you anyway.

14. There are a few things in life that should not be skimped on. They are: vacuum cleaners, pots and pans, one really good handbag, a quality pair of black pumps, a classic jacket like a pea coat or trench, kitchen knives, tequila, and towels.

15. Find God or your spiritual answer to Him. Nurture that relationship.

16. Be kind. In the end it matters far more than deadlines, being right or how great you really are.

17. Take time to be grateful. It makes a huge difference.

18. Your parents didn’t mean to screw you up. They did the best they could. They’re still crazy though.

19. Know when it’s time to really ask for help.

20. Sometimes you should listen to music instead of watching t.v.

21. Be happy with what you’ve got. The grass is rarely ever greener on the other side.

22. Love shouldn’t hurt or make you compromise who you are.

23. Travel as much as you can.

24. Doing the right thing won’t always leave you feeling full of unicorns and butterflies. Sometimes you will feel conflicted, but you’ve got to follow your gut.

25. He should pay on the first date. Amen.

26. Strive for balance. Having it all is a myth that our feminist, hippie mothers created and bought into. Be wise enough to know that you can’t give 100% to everything in your life without something falling through the cracks.

27. Prioritize. It makes you less crazy.

28. Nurture the friendships you have with other women. They will nurture you in return.

What sage advice do you have to offer?

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One thought on “Life Advice from a 27 Year Old

  1. thedurttybride says:

    I forgot very important one –

    Don’t try to be the best at everything. Often what you are doing is good enough. And your good enough is extraordinary.

    This is the one that I have to work at the most!

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