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Home Decor – Wallpaper

Follow me we’re taking a decor from ex-boyfriends into nesting land.

Something that I’ve always been interested in is interior design. Even as a little girl I’ve always loved to shop for home wares. So imagine how excited I was to find that Bed Bath and Beyond is now carrying some exquisite wallpaper designs.

Wallpaper isn’t something that I would normally gravitate towards. It always conjures thoughts of Laura Ashley floral prints, designs with chickens or cows, etc. But the Bed Bath and Beyond designs are good. I like.

Here’s the design that stuck out for me immediately:

Wallpaper from Bed Bath and Beyond

Imagine this in a library or as an accent wall in a bedroom. Jolie, non? (That’s French).

And because I couldn’t just stop there here’s other things that I would put in this room:

black bed from

This super cute, contemporary bed.

whimsical bedside table

This whimsical table to mix up the style of furniture. Maybe without the feather drawer pull. Maybe not.

green vase with purple flowers

And then as a nice accent I’d add a vase to the table, preferably in a Chartreuse color, since I love Chartreuse with black. C’est magnifique!

Your thoughts on wall paper? Have you ever used it? Do you like Laura Ashly? Chickens? Cows?

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Boyfriend #2 – Dusty (or how my first real boyfriend was someone that I didn’t even like)


Enter the cowboy phase.

Many of you probably don’t know that I grew up in the sticks, had horses, barrel raced competitively for 5 years, wore cowboy hats, jeans and boots. Yep, I did. I miss that life sometimes….sigh.

Spring Creek, Nevada. Home sweet home.

When I was in 7th grade I met my best friend Krissy. She was a ranch girl and we were pretty much inseparable all the way through our senior year of high school. I was always interested in horses, but it was when I met Krissy that I really made the transition into the cowboy world.

By eighth grade, Krissy and I were absolutely boy crazy. I think, besides horses, we only talked about boys. She is responsible for setting me up with most of my high school boyfriends. I was shy and she was much better at being outgoing. It worked.

Krissy worked with one of her older high school friends to hook me up with Dusty. He was a freshman and I was in eighth grade and this was a really, really big deal. I remember the first time we talked on the phone. I was so nervous that I rattled off my school activities and achievements like I was on a job interview. That had to be soooo interesting to Mr. Dusty.

He was my first kiss and my first date. We went to the old Crystal Theater in Elko. Krissy came along because we were inseparable and because my parents didn’t quite know what to do with a 14 year old who was dating. I think she was there as moral support/chaperon. It wasn’t long into the movie when Dusty went straight in for a big sloppy, tongue filled kiss. I thought it was kind of disgusting. For a first kiss it was not what my 14 year old heart had desired.

I think we dated for four of five months. He was not really the smartest guy on the planet, but we would talk on the phone, go to the movies, have dinner with his family or mine. It was my first foray into dating and most of the time I didn’t really know what to do with myself. All of our dates/interactions were super awkward. I was painfully shy with him. Later I realized that I  when I’m super shy with someone it usually means that I don’t have a lot in common with them because once you get me talking about something I’m interested in  I don’t hold back.

Looking back I realize that I didn’t even LIKE him. At all. Not even a little bit. I should have known it wasn’t going to work out because my dad and brother made fun of him all the time.

We didn’t have anything in common at all.

Things with Dusty were kind of boring and I guess by the time April came around the crush that I had been nurturing for a boy in my Honors math class had really started to manifest.

What I Learned: That chemistry and commonality are super important when it comes to dating.

Why it Ended: Hormones really. I started nurturing a crush on Boyfriend #3 who was  some hunky goodness and we had things in common.

Enter Jeremiah – my foray into the preppy, honors student, soccer playing kind of guy. It was a short lived romance, but one that I recall fondly!

Excuse the Break

Somewhere in the middle of drafting The High Fidelity Series I had a social media crisis. You see, I attended the Nevada Interactive Media Summit a few weekends ago and I had a discussion with one of my good friends about the over sharing phenomenon that is prevalent online. Now that everyone has a Facebook page we know what they are, who they’re sleeping with, what they’re doing tonight, how their ex-husband behaves, their kids last report card, and how much they hate their boss. Yeah, it’s all out there for the world to see. Every. Little. Thing.

It got me thinking about how my blog content is truly personal and that’s the way I like it. I started this blog as a way of documenting my journey into matrimony, but it’s become a place for me to vent, share, laugh at myself and document little pieces of my life. It’s also turned into a sort of therapy. Before Facebook, Twitter and this little ‘ol blog I was a pretty private person. Now, I look at it as a place where I can share my life. Sometimes this blog helps me work through some serious shit (I don’t post everything that I write, I’m not there yet. I may never be). Sometimes it’s just a place for me to document my journey.

Anyway, I digress. The High Fidelity Series is deeply personal and after the conversation with my friend I was tempted to nip it in the bud. I’m not writing this series to hurt anyone’s feelings or to over share. I’m writing it to close this chapter of my life. Yes, some of the content coming down the pipe will be personal, truthful, maybe a little rude. But, it’s my story. Everything is honest and it’s my truth, which means that my ex-boyfriends might not appreciate it. They have their own truth.

So please excuse the break I’ve taken from writing. The series is about to resume. And it starts with my first cowboy boyfriend…