In Sickness and In Health

Because nothing screams “SENSITIVE” like posting about your fiance’s trip to the ER:

Love is...sitting in the ER with your fiance

Travis had some funky vision stuff going on this morning so we made a trip to the ER to find out what was up. He looks sick, huh? I kept trying to convince him that we could get a few good episodes of Judge Judy or Regis and Kelly in, but he wasn’t buying it.

Luckily, I have an awesome boss and a job that I can do from just about anywhere, which meant that I had laptop and iPhone on hand to help me keep up my super productivity/escape from going completely insane while waiting 8 hours in the ER.

Even luckier, it looks like Trav-Man is going to be A-OK. His MRI came back all clear, but we’ll keep an eye (excuse the pun) out to make sure that he doesn’t have the same symptoms again.


3 thoughts on “In Sickness and In Health

  1. Travis says:

    That pic is horrible. I may have a gut but that makes it look huge.

  2. Travis says:

    Thanks for staying with me all day. But get rid of the pic.

  3. jdurnan says:

    FYI – Travis does not have a “gut.” This picture is not the most flattering angle.

    And no, Trav, I am not removing this post. It documents our first trip to the hospital together.

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