Davids Bridal Reno (A Post for Lexie)

As requested by Alexia….more posts about the bridesmaids (well, just one bridesmaid this time).

Last weekend Lexie and I headed out to look for bridesmaid dresses. I’d like to mention that I was actually really hungover that day because of some birthday festivities the night before. That has no relevance to the rest of the story, except that part of me is proud for being hungover since most of the time I am in bed before ten.

Enough about me though.

First, we went to the Reno Alfred Angelo. The customer service was awesome and we were assisted by Jesse who grabbed a catalog and had us select the dresses that we were interested in. Then Jesse swept Lexie back to the dressing room, got a chair for me, and gathered all of our selections. She stood by while Lexie tried on the dresses and gave us some good tips. I’d like to mention how envious I am of Lexie’s bridesmaid dress prowess. That girl looked good in every single dress she tried on. I mean, every single one. What a bitch. I joke, I joke.

We narrowed the dress choices down to our top 5.

It’s important to me that the girls are comfortable on the day of the wedding. I think most women know what it’s like to suffer a bad bridesmaid dress. I also am trying to keep the cost in mind because while the J. Crew bridesmaids dresses are still number one in my heart, I think they are overpriced. Since I am asking my friends to travel to the Caribbean I don’t want to ask them to buy an expensive dress too. I’m also trying to keep the heat in mind because it is going to be hot, hot, hot.

After Alfred Angelo we headed to the Reno Davids Bridal. Completely_Different_Experience.

We walk in and it feels like madness. A fourteen year old (is that legal?) wearing too much eye makeup greets us and asks what we are there for. I tell her we are looking for navy bridesmaid dresses. She brings out a catalog, flips through it to show me the different dresses and then tells Lexie and I that we can go search through the many, many aisles of chiffon, taffeta, satin, and silk.

So that’s what we did. There was no assistance from the Davids Bridal staff and we waded through the aisles choosing dresses. When we had a few dresses we made our way back to the dressing rooms. Looking like lost puppies, an older lady pointed us in the right direction. She apologized that no one was helping us, which was nice, but we still did not result in any assistance.

I guess there’s a reason they call it the Walmart of wedding dress shopping.

So Lexie finds a dressing room, I sit on the floor, and she tries more dresses on. Thanks for your patience Lex!

She looked good in all of these dresses too (damn you Lexie!).

I love the idea of giving the girls a choice in what dress they wear. Different necklines for different strokes, isn’t that the saying?

Here are the top picks:

A big thank you to Lexie for being a great sport and the guinea pig in bridesmaid dress shopping. I’ll let you know when we make the final decision.


One thought on “Davids Bridal Reno (A Post for Lexie)

  1. Alexia Bratiotis says:

    This is a fantastic post! First, let me say – I couldn’t really tell that you were hungover. You mentioned that you guys had partied a little the night before, but you really held it together nicely. Next, you flatter me! And I love it! Thank you – seriously. You chose good dresses which made it much easier. And then, I do love that your one “Bridezilla” moment unfolded like this “Um. . .I think the pattern might kind of compete with the lace on my dress, so I’m going to say no to this one even though it is a really cute dress.” Ok – if that is your version of Bridezilla – bring it! And finally, you totally nailed the whole David’s experience, especially the girl at the front who I swear didn’t really know that Navy Blue was the same color as whatever weird name David’s Bridal has renamed Navy Blue. Poor thing.

    I can’t wait to pick the dress with the other girls and accessorize it! I love you!

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