A Little Shopping Therapy

Not a lot of wedding news this week. I have a call with our wedding planner today. We have lots to discuss and I know my to-do list is going to grow exponentially after our call. More to come…

In other news, STRESS has been the name of the game over the past few months so this week, in between doctors visits and getting blood work (I’m fine parents, just routine thyroid business), I took myself down to Target and bought these beauties:

A Complete Steal - Target Purse and Wallet

Don’t worry Trav – they were 50% off. The purse and wallet were about $13 bucks each. I know it’s a girl thing, but having a new purse always makes me feel good. It forces me to clean out the old purse; purging the club cards, receipts, and random pieces of paper that collect over time. This was just the treat I needed to lift my spirits.

Happy Thursday! More to come next week – Wedding Business, a new eating plan, and of course more complete randomness from my completely random life!

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One thought on “A Little Shopping Therapy

  1. Alexia Bratiotis says:

    I love buying new handbags! My sister and I have a Michael Kors bag that we splurged on together and that we share. Which actually works out remarkably well – we just switch whenever we visit eachother.

    By the way. . .as a casual reader of this blog, I might like to see more posts about . . . say. . . your bridesmaids! 🙂 Kidding. Not really. Love you.

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