My 27th Birthday

Today is my 27th birthday. Wow – 27. How did that happen?

You know when you are a kid and you imagine your life a certain way? For me, I always modeled my life after my mom’s, but I would throw a couple of my own twists and turns into the mix. I thought I would get married at 25 – just like my mom. I thought I would have my first baby at 28 – just like my mom. Then things got kind of out of control and I thought that I would have like 4 kids and live on a farm in a cute white house with wood floors. I thought I would still have horses. I thought I would marry one of the boys from my hometown.

Oh my my, sometimes things do work out for the better, don’t they?

I love my life. I love my amazing friends. I love that I have fulfilling, meaningful work. I love my fiance more than anything. I’m ridiculously lucky and so grateful.

Even though Travis is out of town today (and in case there are any internet stalkers out there I will seriously womp on your ass if you try any crazy shit) he still made my day extra special by sending me these beauties:

In unison everyone – *sigh*

Call me a traditionalist, but there’s nothing like red roses.

Sorry for the picture quality – damn Blackberry.


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