Matrimony Monday

Today is known as Matrimony Monday because 35-40% of engagements happen at this time of year in the U.S. and the newly engaged jump online to start planning.

Last year, I nervously went to work where I flashed my new bling to my work friends and had a completely distracted day at the office. Truth be told, I didn’t do any work that day. Instead, I tested the limits of the internet filter and called friends and family to share the news that I was engaged. I’m pretty sure my office mate was not happy with me.

To reward new brides-to-be, OneWed is hosting the ultimate giveaway for one lucky future bride: the “Off-the-Chart” Wedding Giveaway, with nearly $15,000 worth of wedding day essentials. Couples can enter simply by creating their own Wedding Pre-Party ( and inviting friends and family to join.  For every invitation successfully accepted by a guest, the couple receives an additional entry to win.

That’s a lot of money folks! I created a page on and it is a fun way of organizing your wedding info and giving your guests the opportunity to “meet” before the wedding. Good luck!


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