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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I love Christmas.

When I think about the first year that Travis and I were dating, I remember Christmas as a magical, slow-moving time. We had been living together for a few months and everything was new and exciting. We were still flirting with the idea of forever. Christmas was spent at my parent’s house and it was amazing. We skied, we ate, we drank. I don’t remember what I got him. He got me an iPod and had “Our First Christmas 2007” inscribed on the back. We both had steady work and we didn’t have many worries. Things seemed simpler.

Fast forward to this year and I can hardly believe that we are almost in a new decade. Shopping, decorating, baking – all have taken a backseat this year and I’m scrambling to get my Christmas tasks done.

How the hell is it Christmas all ready? And is it bad to use Christmas and hell in the same sentence?

Anyway, we leave tomorrow for Utah (or as my dad calls it Utard) and I still have so_much to do!

Here’s a picture from our snowstorm a couple of weeks ago:

Reno Snow

Snow Day!

I actually had a snow day from work, which has never happened before. It was glorious!

Daisy - Snow

Daisy bounding through the snow

Merry Christmas everyone!



Today is a big wedding milestone day! I got my shoes and picked up my wedding dress.

I was really inspired by this post over on The Budget Savvy Bride. I really feel like this bride’s style is close to mine. Elegant, but fun. I immediately fell in love with her shoes and she was kind enough to let me know where she purchased them and that they were still available.

I jumped onto and purchased the shoes right away.

Peeptoes are my favorite style of shoe. I think it gives that perfect glimpse of toe cleavage and is super flattering. I will definitely move into flip-flops as the night progresses, but as you can probably tell from our engagement photos, shoes are a major part of my wardrobe.

Picking up my wedding dress was a lot less eventful this time. This dress fits perfectly (despite the cookie diet I’ve been on lately) and is not missing any eye hooks.  I really do love my wedding gown and can’t wait for Travis to see me in it!

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Engagement Photos

Last month we braved the cold and headed out to get our engagement photos done. Some may wonder why, when you’ve almost been engaged for a year, you decide to get engagement photos taken. The first reason is that we don’t have any professional photos of the two of us and the second is that we are procrastinators and had been planning on getting photos taken since February.

February. November. Meh.

We got really lucky because there were still some beautiful fall colors at the University of Nevada (my alma mater), but it was freezing. My friend David, who is an amazing professional photojournalist and not a wedding photographer at all (I make that distinction purely for David’s sake. He totally could be a wedding photographer, but from what I understand wedding photographers are kind of low on the totem pole of photographers), took our photos and will be making the trip to St. Croix to capture our Caribbean nuptials. The engagement photos were a good test run.

Travis insists that he doesn’t know how to smile so his sister, Sylvia, came up with a great trick. Every time he would start looking too serious, Syliva would say, “Travis you look like you are constipated.”

I’d like you to think about that when you look at our pictures.

Come on, who doesn’t giggle at the word constipated? Except maybe people who are, in fact, constipated or those who are too sophisticated. You won’t find either of those here.

Anyhoo, click here to check out our photos. I wanted to create a slideshow, Ála Myspace 2004, but I couldn’t find any free, easy slideshow thing-a-ma-jigs.

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