TV couples that make marriage look good

Enough with Jon and Kate. Here are my favorite TV couples (some reality, some not). Lets take a look at TV couples who should inspire us to want to be married and not make us want to tear our hair out and scream, “WTF? Ed Hardy? Really? Did you think that was a good idea? Wrong.”

5. ShannonTweed and Gene Simmons
tweedsimmons09840-3Yes, I know that technically these two aren’t even married, but I love their relationship. They obviously value family and make it a point to have fun as a couple.

4. The Little Couple – Jen Arnold and Bill Klein


Despite the adversities that this couple faces, they tackle everything together. Their attitude towards life is certainly admirable and I love how they interact with each other. You can tell by watching them that they are each others best friend.

3. Tori and Dean

tori_spelling_deanOk, so they’re both kind of home wreckers, but they are definitely getting this marriage thing right the second time around. I love how honest they are with one another and how they seem completely comfortable being themselves. Their kids are so super cute too!

2. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
jim_bob__michelle_duggarSay what you want about their religious views, but this couple has it together and are raising a family of respectful, smart kids (18 of them!). It is evident from the show that this couple deeply respects each other and the concept of family. In my book ain’t nothing wrong with that! And yes, I completely realize that Michelle’s hair is circa 1981, but with 18 kids I’m thinking style kind of flies out the window.

1. Jim and Pam from The Office
jam_2Ok, so they’re not real people, but the characters of Jim and Pam are so obviously in love and invested in one another. The shared jokes, sideways looks, and camaraderie between the two is something that we could all use. How cute was the episode of The Office where they get married? Watch the wedding dance again here.

Who are your favorite TV couples?

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2 thoughts on “TV couples that make marriage look good

  1. Alexia Bratiotis says:

    I’m SOOOO behind on your blog. Please don’t be mad.

    I like Ross and Rachel. They were on again off again and never stopped loving each other and wel all knew it – but they were so not perfect.

  2. jdurnan says:

    Oh – good call Lex! I loved Ross and Rachel too. I also forgot about The Neelys from the Food Network. They are so cute together – always flirting with each other in the kitchen.

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