Operation Second Wedding Dress

Mmmmmkay. So the second wedding dress did not go as planned. It arrived from David’s Bridal – beautifully packaged, surprisingly. I tried it on and immediately realized that there was a little too much decolletage showing. I’m not scared of cleavage, but this dress is not something that I would have felt comfortable dancing in around my parents, brother, grandparents and various other family members and friends who don’t need (or want, for that matter) to see the Ta-Tas.

So now I’ve got to find another second wedding dress.

Also, I should admit that I did read the reviews about this dress on Davids Bridal and many, many women wrote about how low this V-Cut dress is. I however, in all my stubborness, decided that this would not apply to me.

Yeah, about that.

I should have taken heed. It was a gorgeous dress and would have been perfect except for the part where my boobs were barely covered. That was a small problem.

I’ll be looking for something similar, in the same price range, and more coverage for the, ahem, girls.

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