Second Wedding Dress

Prepare for wedding gluttony.


I bought a second wedding dress.

My wedding planner had suggested I think about a second dress because brides on St. Croix often opt for a traditional gown only to be overcome by the heat about halfway through the reception. At first, I thought this sounded a tad too much.

Truly? A second wedding dress? Possibly a way for the wedding industry to find just one more way to separate me from my hard earned dolla dolla bills?

Then I tried #1 dress on again and boy, was it heavy! Heavier than I had remembered.

Not my first or second wedding dress, but perfect for a NASCAR theme

Not my first or second wedding dress, but perfect for a NASCAR theme

Of course, my wedding budget is not gigantic and I’m a bargain shopper so I started looking around with the mindset that I would only purchase a second dress if it was a deal.

Ta-Da! David’s Bridal delivered an amazing bargain from their sale section. A much less formal, less traditional gown for only $110! Now that was a deal I could get behind. Plus, the second dress is something that I may be able to wear again.

Did I mention the dancing? No? Well, I fully intend on shaking my moneymaker (but not in a dirty, trashy way – Wedding Pet Peeve #3) at our reception. I’m thinking the light weight dress will make that a lot easier.

I’m still waiting for the dress to get here so I can try it on. Crossing my fingers that it fits!

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