Mission: Register BBB

3:00 p.m.:  Arrive Bed, Bath and Beyond

3:05 p.m.: Meet with Bed, Bath and Beyond bridal consultant

3:20 p.m.: Begin tour of BBB with Bridal Consultant where she told us the good, the bad and the ugly

3:30 p.m.: Begin registering for all sorts of goodies.

Then we entered the time warp. I’m not sure what happened during this time, but many items were added to our registry.

6:45 p.m.:  Conclude registering at BBB in a heap of hunger and exhaustion.

logo_bbbRegistering was a bit overwhelming. There was so much to look at and contemplate. We had a huge discussion about China. We stood in the cookware section for a very, very long time. We played with every gadget and imagined our future life together – entertaining with friends and family, falling into bed and being covered with a big soft down comforter, cooking scrumptious meals.

Bed, Bath and Beyond made registering really easy. Our bridal consultant gave us plenty of tips about the quantity that we should register for and the products that we would really use and like. Getting to use the “registry gun” was a lot of fun too!

People have asked if we were still planning to register since we are having a destination wedding. Of course, Travis and I don’t expect gifts from our guests. It’s an honor to even have these friends and family flying to our locale to celebrate with us. That’s really gift enough. But, when I told my mom’s best friend this I thought she was going to drag me by the hand to register right away. She said, “Jenny, if you don’t register people are still going to buy you gifts. You might as well have it be gifts that you actually want.”  Point: Valerie.

On this note, can I rant for just a second? Thanks.

You should not include registry cards in your invitation. No, really you shouldn’t. I’m no Emily Post, but I truly think including a registry card is ruuuuude. Don’t make the assumption that people are buying you a wedding gift. Let old fashioned word or mouth or the new fangled wedding website point your guests in the right direction.

Ok I’m done. Thanks for listening. Buh-bye.

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2 thoughts on “Mission: Register BBB

  1. Camille says:

    You’ll be so glad that your registered and got it out of the way! Be careful of discontinued items, it happens and it’s sad! Remember you don’t just have to register at one store, if you really like another store’s look, you can always put a few things on their list. Plus, the internet makes shopping and shipping easier for everyone. We ended up with gifts from Crate and Barrel before we told anyone except our parents where we were registered! I love your china, Nolan and I almost chose that Chirp print too!
    We also registered to make gift giving easier. Some people just want to be told what to give you. Better to tell them than end up with all sorts of “not you” items. I enjoy reading about funny wedding gifts, weddingbee usually has a few posts about it.

  2. Alexia Bratiotis says:

    First, I love the bullet point timeline of this post. I’d like to see more timelines. . .

    Second, I couldn’t agree more about the registry cards in your invitation. Ick.

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