Dress Update

Yesterday, I headed down to Alfred Angelo to pick up my dress. It took about 2 1/2 months for it to be made and shipped.

In my mind I had built up trying my wedding dress on like it was going to be magical. Like I would walk into the store and there would be my dress. The train flowing across the floor, the beautiful fabric glowing as an aura of light shined from above.

Huh. Dis-a-ppointment.

The store lady brings my dress out. It is wrapped in a normal looking plastic garment bag. It is surrounded with tissue paper and has been wrapped around itself so it would ship better (I’m assuming). It comes out of the bag and it is a wrinkly, gorgeous mess. Like really wrinkly. No, really.

The store lady leaves me with Sylvia (my future sister in law) who helps me into the dress.

Two initial thoughts:

A) It is heavier than I remembered.

B) I’m still completely in love with it.

Then we got to play with my veil. Yes, I overpaid and got suckered in, but the veil really tops it off.

After copious amounts of brainstorming hair styles with Sylvia, fidgeting with the veil and getting the oohs and ahhs from the bridal store ladies, it was time to take the dress off. Back in the dressing room, Sylvia noticed that there was something funky with the built-in corset.

The culprit

The culprit

On one side there were 11 eye hooks and on the other side there were 12. I didn’t think much of it. To be honest, I was secretly hoping that they would give me a discount for the minor mess up. When we showed the ladies in the store they were outraged and insisted that the dress be sent back and possibly even remade.

To me that kind of seems silly, but the ladies were insistent. My dress got zipped back in it’s bag and is being sent back to the factory or wherever they mass produce Alfred Angelo dresses.

At least I got to try it on.

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5 thoughts on “Dress Update

  1. Aunt Beth says:

    Built in corset? Does that mean you don’t have to subject yourself to finding the right undergarment?

  2. jdurnan says:

    They still had me try on the dress with a strapless bra, so I think I will still need one of those. I’m also thinking I’m going to become good friends with Spanx for that extra help!

  3. Camille says:

    Oh, spanx! They are wonderful! I have worn mine 3 times already before the wedding! They are the best investment!
    I got a pair that ends at the belly button, but I am totally going back to purchase the ones that end at the bottom of the bra!
    Yay for the dress!

  4. Cindy - The Wedding Planner! :0) says:

    Jenny, I noticed in your post that you said your dress is heavier than you remember – which I’m sure means layers, layers & heavy fabric. I STRONGLY recommend, as I do with all my brides, to have a second dress for after the formalities (once the cake cutting pics are done). Something white and pretty but 1-layer of a natural fabric. I hear brides all too often say “omg my legs are pouring sweat under here!”. You’ll enjoy the party so much more if you are comfortable :0)

  5. jdurnan says:

    Just so everyone knows – the dress is being completely remade. Now some poor person in some foreign country has to shed more blood, sweat and tears to make my wedding dress perfect. Oh – wedding industry – you are a beast.

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