Too Good?

We finished the classroom and pool portions of our PADI certification last weekend. Now we have two dives in Tahoe and then we will be Scuba certified for life!

I conquered the mask clearing problem that I was having and am so relieved about that. I was really stressing about it! Isn’t it amazing when you overcome a fear and realize just how silly it is? After mastering that, I felt like I could really relax in the pool and enjoy learning this new skill.

Obviously, Travis is my dive buddy and after class the teacher approached us and said that we may be depending on each other too much. He said that he had even thought about separating us because we are always communicating with each other. Ha! We got in trouble for being too good of dive buddies!

We were both kind of annoyed by that comment, but after thinking about it some more, we realized that if two people who are about to get married are getting chastised for communicating too much, that might not necessarily be a bad thing.

Slap my hand that I depend on and communicate well with the man I’m going to marry!

Tahoe here we come!

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