I’m a little out of the loop lately. I took on some more job responsibilities a couple of weeks ago and I’m trying to find balance again (pretty much the story of my life!).

Anyway, awhile ago Amy from contacted me about and I finally got around to checking it out today.

Basically, it combines the best of wedding planning world with social media. It even ties directly into Facebook.  Amy put it like this, “The novelty of is that it’s completely interactive for all users (yet invite-only) and enables the wedding party and guests to share in the dialogue during the time between the engagement and the wedding.”

That’s pretty cool so I checked it out and it is a really fun site. Since we are having a destination wedding I would love if our guests could get to know each other before we go to St. Croix.

My favorite thing of course is the checklist. I’ve always been a list maker and crossing off wedding tasks is so much fun! The awesome part of the Checklist function is that OneWed lists links of task-related vendors. This is super helpful and I love perusing wedding vendor sites.

You can also share photos and label people as Bridesmaid/Groomsmen.

Now, as fun as the site is there are a couple of things that annoyed me a little bit.

1) You can only enter a wedding website if you created it through If I wasn’t web savvy I would have gone this route as they have some awesome designs that are simple to use. Unfortch, I didn’t use their site so I can’t enter ~Bummer #1~

2) OneWed boasts that you can delegate tasks to your bridal party through the site. Since I’ve already been accused of being a bridezilla I think the last thing I am interested in doing is taking it to a level where I am delegating tasks through a website. I love our bridal party. They are awesome people, but I also know that they have lives outside of my wedding day.  ~Let’s keep things in perspective.~

Overall, it is a fun site with a lot of great resources. I may use it as a space for our guests to connect before the big day. I’m really hoping that by our wedding day our friends and family will be familiar with each other and have a great time at our reception.

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