The Quest for the Dress

In my mind I had built up buying my wedding gown as an event that would last for weeks. Something that I would stress over, going from shop to shop, dragging my girlfriends and bridesmaids along with me. In reality, I knew the dress I wanted the first time I saw it. For CS, I visited the dress three times!

A couple of weeks ago I finally felt like it was time to start dress shopping. I’m down seven pounds, about half the weight I had wanted to lose before dress shopping, but to be completely honest I’m a little over punishing myself for every pound I don’t get off. I’m all about goal setting, but it finally struck me that I was gauging how the dress shopping process would go based on how many pounds I had dropped. I am the type of person that is overly hard on myself. I always have been. It’s not my best trait, but it’s a part of me. I guess the struggle comes from wanting to be successful and perfect. Overachiever? Party of one.

So a month or so ago I made the appointment at Alfred Angelo and headed down to the store with my lovely bridesmaids Lexie and Sarah. The dress that I fell in love with back in January had been moved to one of the models at the front of the store and I quickly let the sales girls know that it was the dress I had been stalking for 6 months.

My “bridal consultant” gave me a slip and a strapless bra and then brought in piles of dresses. I’m a lucky girl because the first dress I tried on was the one. I’ve been in love with it and secretly wishing that it would be the right dress for months now. And it was. I’m not going to give any more details about the dress because my betrothed reads this blog, but if you’re interested email me and I will send you a photo.

So even though I knew that dress was the one, I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to try on wedding dresses. When was I going to have this chance again?

Here’s a quick glimmer of the dresses that I tried on.

**Disclaimer – Many of these dresses were way too small and thus not attractive. Come on bridal industry lets think about getting some dresses that are in a wider variety of sizes. Also, apparently, I didn’t think washing my hair, putting in my contacts or applying an appropriate amount of makeup was important that day. Ooops!

dress1 dress2
dress3 dress4
dress5 dress6
dress7 dress8

Of course, I am still hoping to drop more pounds before the wedding, and I was a little apprehensive about buying the gown until the bridal salespeople told me that the gowns can be taken down three sizes! Woo-hoo!

Overall, the experience at Alfred Angelo was great. I got a deal on my dress and got suckered into buying the veil and slip, but they gave me a 15% discount and $300 off my dress. I’m a sucker for sales.

Here’s me and the girls after I signed the dotted line:

At Alfred Angelo after purchasing my wedding dress

At Alfred Angelo after purchasing my wedding dress (FYI - we didn't plan the pink coordination)

The way it works at Alfred Angelo is you put half down when you order and pay the other half when the dress arrives. My dress is supposed to be in next month and I can’t wait to try on a dress that is actually in my size (not too small or too big like the sample dresses).

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One thought on “The Quest for the Dress

  1. Camille says:

    I totally want to see it and then I will send an email with mine! I tried mine on with full alterations, shoes and undergarments on Saturday! Wohoo! It is so exciting! 🙂

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