J. Crew Bridesmaid Dresses

This is what I had in mind when thinking of bridesmaid’s dresses:

Affordable, Comfortable, and Classic

I don’t want my girlfriends to buy a dress that they hate, wear it once and be uncomfortable on a day when I want them to celebrate and have a great time.

Soooo….my thought process is this: My bridesmaids choose their own dress from a selection of styles and colors. My hope is that they get a dress that they like (or almost like) and that they will, shall I say it?

Wear again.

Yeah, I went there.

I searched through some bridal magazines, but nothing was hitting the spot. I couldn’t find any dresses that I really liked. So when bridesmaid Lexie offered to do some research into dresses I was really excited. And she nailed it. She found exactly what I had in mind and it happened to be in the arms of J. Crew.

What I have in mind for bridesmaid dresses

What I have in mind for bridesmaid dresses

The Cotton Cady dresses are exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes to destination wedding bridesmaid dresses. Classic, cool, and something that will travel well. Unfortch, the current price is not what I had in mind. $225 bucks!

Don’t go breaking my heart J. Crew! I love these dresses so much, but I will absolutely not ask my friends to pay $225. Last week, I got really excited when I found them on sale for $99 bucks. I quickly sent an email out to the girls asking them to take a look. Then Heather found that the only dress actually on sale was the bright yellow one. Major bummer.

Now, I’m holding onto the hope that J. Crew will have some end of summer sale. Does anyone know of anywhere that I could find J. Crew knock-offs? How can they be the only company offering cotton bridesmaid dresses? You would think one of the major chains would get on the band wagon and figure out that there is a market for girls who are not fans of the satin jungle known as David’s Bridal.

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3 thoughts on “J. Crew Bridesmaid Dresses

  1. Camille says:

    My girls did a mixture of Ann Taylor and J.Crew dresses, and actually one of my girls is having her mother in law sew her dress! Talk about economical!

    Those dresses were chosen last fall, even before my dress was found! Because it was the end of the fall and the girls are wearing brown they were able to find all the dresses on sale! J.Crew and Ann Taylor have amazing end of the season sales. (One of my girls bought her Ann Taylor dress for $35!) If you find anything at Ann Taylor sign up for their emails because they send out codes almost weekly on 20% off $100 or $150 or more, so a couple girls could purchase them together and save more!!!

    Good Luck, I love the colors!

  2. jdurnan says:

    Thanks Camille! This is great advice. Now I am hopeful that I will find dresses that won’t break the bank. Yeah!!!!!

  3. A great thanks to you all for showing me the way. I was wondering where to go to to buy bridesmaid dresses. I didn’t want too costly ones yet I wanted the bridesmaid dresses to look superb too. So J.Crew dresses it is!

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