May the neglect end

I’ve been neglectful to you blog. My apologies. I’ve been busy and when I’m not busy, I’m recuperating from being busy by watching TV and reading the Sookie Stackhouse series. Ask the fiance.  I work, I eat, I definitely don’t do laundry or any other chores really.

But while I’ve been busy, a lot of stuff has happened.

Let me begin:

  • I bought my wedding dress (more on this later!)
  • I’m preparing to be in my friend Carrie’s wedding in two weeks
  • We nailed down the reception spot – the Palms at Pelican Cove
  • We got discounted rates at the Palms for our wedding guests
  • Travis and I went on a shopping spree and bought this, this, this and this (you may think this is over the top, but isn’t it our patriotic duty to spend right now?)
  • I ordered samples of reception decorations
  • My parents helped Travis and I pick out the reception menu
  • My fairy godmother honored us by asking to throw the rehearsal dinner
  • I quit Weight Watchers and found out that I was eating approximately 1/2 of the calories I should have been eating everyday
  • Travis and I joined the gym

In honor of this holiday week, I’m vowing to get back in the blogging game. I may even have a new design up my sleeve.


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