Where you been all my life?

I’ve been busy. Busy and tired. And my blog has suffered because of it.

So here’s my updates:

Went to Weight Watchers on Friday and was up 1 pound. I’ve been see-sawing over the last couple of weeks. Not sure why, but have a sneaking suspicion that I’m going to talk about later in the post. Saw my nutritionist today and shared my concerns with her. She is so helpful and really gets my predicament.

I started the new job. It is good, but like any new venture in life it’s a little stressful. Lots of names and faces to remember, lots of stupid questions to ask, and lots of web work to get done. Last week flew by.

Memorial Day weekend was fantastic. Saturday my friend Amy and I went to Soak and had awesome pedicures (and some tasty cocktails). I got my haircut on Saturday afternoon, nice and short in time for summer.

Sunday we took a drive up to Loyalton, CA, ran some errands and then went to Tropical Penguins Scuba so Travis could get some dive/snorkel gear. While we were there we signed up for our Scuba certification. It is something that we have been planning on doing for awhile and we want to get certified and dive a few times before our trip to St. Croix for the wedding. We should be diving in Tahoe by August and will keep you posted.

Monday we headed up to Chimney Beach so Travis could test out his new gear in the frigid Lake Tahoe waters. He even caught a few crawfish in the lake!

Travis and Paul wade into the water

Travis and Paul wade into the water

Daisy taking a swim to catch her tennis ball.

Daisy taking a swim to catch her tennis ball.

Travis and the catch of the day

Travis and the catch of the day

Yummy - Tahoe crawfish

Yummy - Tahoe crawfish

Beautiful Tahoe day

Beautiful Tahoe day

So, in a nutshell, that was our weekend. I’ll try and keep updating more frequently, but between the new job and a sneaking suspicion that my thyroid is out of whack again, I just don’t have a whole lot of energy at the end of the day.I’m going to be making an appt. with my doc sooner than later because the fatigue is back and I’ve been pretty stagnant with the weight loss over the last few weeks.

The hard thing about having Hashimotos is I never know if my thyroid is really acting wacky or if I’m maintaining such a busy schedule that my body and mind call uncle and demand that I sleep. What I’ve learned over these last few years is that I have to be aggressive with my treatment. If I suspect that my body is off then it probably is.

Here’s to a four day work week!

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