Engagement Encounter – Day One

We started the Engaged Encounter last night and it went from 6:30 to about 10 p.m.

The format goes something like this:

Couple who has been married for awhile shares their experience on a specific topic.

Priest chimes in with his thoughts on the topic.

We break out individually and write about the topic for 20 minutes.

Then we get back with our mate (the priest’s words, not mine) and discuss the topic together for 20 minutes.

Last night’s topics were called Encounter with Me and Encounter with We. It required a lot of reflection about our families, our self image, and how we perceive romance and disillusionment. It was deep stuff!

We dove right into the deep end and some of it was really hard. It really requires thinking about our relationship in a different way and then trying to communicate how we are feeling.

I have to say that I enjoyed last night, even if I shed a few tears at one point. The couple that was presenting said that they’ve been involved with the Engaged Encounter for 13 years and believe it is one of the few times that a couple can completely focus on their marriage.

Today is the longest day of the weekend. We start at 8 a.m. and end around 10 p.m. The fact that I am up at 5 a.m. is worrying me a little bit, but I’m pretty sure that is what they make coffee for.

Anyway, if I have time I will post about what today brings. The topics are across the board and we should have some interesting conversation.


One thought on “Engagement Encounter – Day One

  1. Alexia Bratiotis says:

    Just remember my dear friend, that you want your marriage to succeed and God wants your marriage to succeed. I love you and Travis both and am anxious to hear all about your encounter!

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