Up 1.6. Today’s meeting was about attitude. I’m not going to talk about the gain (ahem, Egg Roll King the night before a weigh in, what was I thinking?). Instead I’m going to talk about the positive things that have inspired me this week.

My new job (at Mariah Power, yes, I’m that excited that I want to remind you) has inspired me to clean out my closet. I have a lot of clothes that I don’t actually like, but bought to fill my grown up, strict dress code job at Renown. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that some of these clothes aren’t fitting anymore.  As in they are too big. 5 or 6 pounds in and my clothes are too big! WHAT??!!!

In the past I would have kept these clothes. I’m not sure why. Maybe my subconscious was telling me that I wasn’t going to succeed at this or I have a slight hoarding problem or something. This time is different. I don’t need the security of these clothes. I don’t want them taking up precious space in my closet. My new job has a much more relaxed dress code and I’m fully intending to wear cute, professional, but relaxed clothing. So far I have filled one trash bag and I’m guessing that I will fill at least two more (I have that many clothes) with clothes for the Good Shepherds Clothes Closet.

Of course, I still enjoy clothes and starting a new job feels a lot like starting at a new school. I couldn’t possibly wear my old clothes on the first day of work. To remedy this I took a quick lunchtime trip to the mall yesterday and bought a few items at the Gap and Old Navy. I was shocked when I tried on my usual size 16 shorts to find that they felt a little big. Fantastic!

So I’ve actually gained more this week than a measly 1.6 pounds. I’ve gained a better attitude about this weight loss game. Because even if the number isn’t where I wanted it to be my mind is and my body is certainly getting there.

My strategy this week is to begin tracking again. I fell off the wagon and didn’t track a single bite last week. Somewhere in the euphoria of the new job I stopped caring about what was going in my mouth. That’s going to change this week.

Quick update on the 5k training
We officially started the training this week. It is definitely a challenge to get myself there (especially after a day at work), but once the run is actually over I feel pretty damn good – like I’m an athlete or something. We’re still trying to find a 5k in our area and my friend Amy says this is the most motivating part of the process. Thanks Amy.

So that’s it for today. Onward towards weight loss glory I march!


One thought on “Friday

  1. Alexia Bratiotis says:

    My sister would be so proud of you getting rid of the clothing that you no longer need or want! 🙂 Also, I love that you are donating them to the GSCC – we will gladly take them! You can bring them when you come for your first board meeting.

    I loved this entry – it was insightful and of course witty and real – authentically Jenny!

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