Best Wedding Website EVER -  www.Durtty.com

Best Wedding Website EVER - http://www.Durtty.com

Holla! Our wedding website is practically finished. Put a cherry on top of that WordPress Sundae and call it good.

I think I mentioned before that I had planned on creating an absolutely extravagant wedding website using Joomla, Flash, etc.

Yeah, about that…

Joomla is wicked hard. Flash is fun, but time consuming. I needed a site that Travis could help me update without having to teach him code or FTPing (even though he’s interested). Instead I turned to my old friend WordPress, found a free customizable template, bought our domain and hosting and voila http://www.durtty.com was born. C’est parfait.

I customized the template using our wedding color palette and pictures of St. Croix (don’t make fun of my animated GIF).   We’ve added a ton of information about the wedding, St. Croix and travel information. It will be the number one resource for our wedding guests and we will be updating it frequently.

I also used Google docs to create an RSVP and newsletter sign-up form. It was super easy.

So that is how I created a wedding website that didn’t cause me to go into .PHP seizures. As my favorite recording artist, Jason Mraz, would say, “Life is wonderful.”

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One thought on “Durtty.com

  1. Alexia says:

    ok! This is so exciting! I’m looking at it right now – it’s super fab! I can’t wait to really explore it and discover things about St. Croix (and more importantly, how to get there and where to stay!). YAY for Jenny and Travis getting married.

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