I know, I know. I’ve been MIA from the world of blogging. It’s been a busy week and hopefully I’ll be able to explain everything that has been keeping me busy soon.

Not a whole lot going on in the wedding planning world. I’ve been working at addressing the STDs (still can’t get over the fact that the wedding blogging community finds it ok to use that acronym, but whatev).  For those of you who are confused right now I’m talking about the Save the Dates. If Travis and my Mom would get on the bus and track down some addresses for me I’d be one day closer to slipping those beauties into the ‘ol blue beautiful USPS box. But alas, apparently I am the only Type A in this threesome. And by Type A I mean gloriously organized, master of Excel.

I’ll post a pic of the STD’s this weekend.

I got the comps back for the wedding invites and I am in love. Matt did an amazing job and I can’t wait to share pics of those eventually.

People keep asking me if we’ve registered anywhere yet. I think it is too soon, but from the amount of questions I keep getting I’m wondering if that isn’t the case? I’d love some feedback on this. Speaking of registering, we are still debating where to register. My girlfriends and co-workers have given me their opinions and there seems to be a few front runners:

Bed Bath and Beyond – Because it has a good selection at a variety of price points

Target – Because it has lower cost items and fun stuff, but bad because of the return policy

Macys – Because you get 5% of every purchase from your registry that is put on a gift card for you to use after the wedding, but bad because of pushy salespeople

Lowes – Because I have a fiance who could be considered an expert Lowes shopper and because we are in the neverending saga of remodeling the condo

Scheels or REI – Because we love the outdoors

Williams Sonoma – Because I love every little expensive, wacky gadget that they have in that place

Anyway, I still think we are a long way out from registering anywhere, but would love your suggestions and opinions. So these are the questions and topics that are keeping my mind busy right now. More to come this weekend. I’m off to Stich ‘n Bitch tonight.

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